Saturday, October 8, 2016

9 Little Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy !!

man woman in love relationship dating romance, Little Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy !!

A Woman does know what she wants; you need to be aware of her wishes and desires to keep her happy. Here are 9 little ways in which you can make your girlfriend happy.

1. Often express your love to her
If you love her tell her that. Many guys think that once they have the girl or the relationship is not new anymore, there is no need to be expressive. But saying ‘I love you’ often will make her feel safe and happy.

2. Stand up for her whenever needed
If you make her meet your family, chances are that certain people might make remarks or even if you’re having a conversation with your friends. As her boyfriend, you should stand up for her.

3. Value her opinion in public
If she gives an opinion and shares her thought, do not dismiss it just because she is your girlfriend. Be polite and put it across without hurting her feelings.

4. Treat people in her life with respect
If you’re in a serious relationship, you would have met her parents, siblings and close friends. When you respect a woman, it should extend to people who are close to her too. It will make her to only love you more.

5. Have knowledge about her job and give her your opinion
As long as a man has a woman in his life, he doesn’t care what she does in her work sphere. It is important to understand the value of things that matter to her. Knowing about her work is valuing her identity.

6.Take her out for little surprise treats
You could give her a call and wait outside her building at midnight to take her out for ice cream. Or perhaps get a DVD she really loves and drop in on a weekend to watch it with her. Buy her something she craves for when she is unwell.

7. Buy her things out of the blue
Remember things that she really likes; her favorite food, band or some neck piece she has wanted to buy for quite some time. The fact that you care for her little wishes will really move her

8. Remember to call her first thing when you learn something new
When you need to share something really important, good news or bad, make her your confidant. She will feel really valued and happy, knowing that you’re the single most important thing in her life.

9. Compliment her on her looks
Often compliment on the way she dresses and looks, it really makes a woman happy. She feels appreciated all through.

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