Saturday, October 8, 2016

6 Steps to Deal With a Lying Girlfriend !!

6  sneak Steps to Deal With a Lying Girlfriend ,cheating partner man woman

As much as boys are blamed and criticized for lying and cheating, girls can be equally blamed. Certainly, many guys must have either been in a relationship or come across girlfriends who lie straight to their face and don’t even blink. Lying out of habit or for any other reason can be rather annoying and disturbing. Here are few tips to deal with a girlfriend who lies.

1. Open Conversation
Sit down with your girlfriend and ask her straight forward the reason for lying. It could be lying about small issues or something major. Hear her out and then you can put forward your point.

2. Ask for some time and space
Your girlfriend has always been the honest and open types and suddenly you find out she has been lying about something. The shock might hurt you emotionally and taking some time off might be the best way to calm yourself down. It will give you time to think and you will not make any hasty decisions.

3. Face the harsh truth
In spite of you repeatedly telling her that you cannot tolerate lies, if your girlfriend still continues with her lying habit then it’s time to take a decision. Think hard if she is worth going through the emotional stress. Give her one last chance to change or then you have to dump her.

4. Confront her with the facts
If you decide to go up to her and confront her make sure you have all the correct facts. Be prepared for her to lie again to cover up the previous lies as she is most likely to do that.

5. Find out why she is with you
A girlfriend would not lie to her better half. If she is then maybe she has some agenda behind dating you. Find out why she is with you? Ask her directly if she really wants to be with you or is just playing around?

6. Ask a friend to intervene
If you think she is lying to you, you can ask one of her friends to talk to her and find out why is she doing so?

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