Friday, October 7, 2016

8 Tips to Spot a Dominating Girlfriend

8 Tips to Spot a Dominating Girlfriend man woman traveling carry bags

If you think that your girlfriend has a strong personality and is more assertive and forthright than you, chances are that she could be dominating and controlling. Here are a few ways in which you can find out if your girlfriend is dominating or not.

1. You have to seek your girlfriend’s permission to hang out with your male friends

If you have to ask your girlfriend for her permission to let you hang out with your buddies on a weekend, she is clearly a dominating girlfriend. In fact, she is controlling you to such an extent that you can’t even have fun with your friends without asking her.

2. You rush back home from work because you have to meet your girlfriend at a particular time

Wrapping up work to meet your girlfriend out of desperation is one thing. But rushing back home from work because you are running late for meeting her, it means that she is dominating you. If your girlfriend wasn’t dominating, you would simply call her informing her that you are running late.

3. You hang out with your girlfriend’s friends more than your own
A sign of a healthy relationship is when both partners spend equal amount of time with each other’s friends. But if you are spending more time with her friends at the cost of spending time with your friends, you could be dominated by her.

4. Your girlfriend suspects you of cheating on her even if you talk to another girl
Your girlfriend can be dominating if she puts allegations of cheating on you every time you have a conversation with another girl. By doing this, she is trying to assert her ownership over you and wants to give you a clear signal that you shouldn’t even dare to think of another woman.

5. Your girlfriend has extreme mood swings
Many women use mood swings as a manipulative tool to control their boyfriends. If you find your girlfriend demanding attention from you under the guise of being in a bad mood one day and then suddenly reverts back to a good mood the next day, she could be dominating.

6. Your girlfriend blames you for everything that goes wrong

Does your girlfriend blame you for everything that goes wrong in your relationship or otherwise? This can be her way of transferring accountability and responsibility on your shoulders and telling you that you are the one who should ensure that everything in the relationship is perfect.

7. You are constantly thinking about how your girlfriend will feel
It is a good thing to always be concerned about your girlfriend’s feelings. But if that keeps you on your toes and you can’t think of anything except how your girlfriend will feel before doing anything, it is a sign that she is controlling you.

8. Your girlfriend decides how you spend your money
If your girlfriend decided how, when and where you should spend your own hard earned money, she is controlling you and treating you like a doormat. It is a different thing if she makes a few suggestions or gives you some advice about money, but taking decisions on your behalf is a sign of control and domination.

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