Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are You Going Overboard To Impress Your Date?

Are You Going Overboard To Impress Your Date

Many men fail after the first date and then begin thinking about what went wrong. They were after this girl and had prepared themselves in all the respects. The conversation went off perfectly. The setting was perfect. Everything looked perfect and they were sure that the next date would get fixed soon. But the girl refused to respond to their mails and gave evasive replies on telephone. Surely this is a mystery for a detective to solve. No, the reason of the girl getting put off was simple. The man went overboard trying to impress her.

The man talked about his job, how responsible was his position, the number of people who reported to him, the dependence of the company on him along with the kind of money he made and the perks he enjoyed. He wanted to impress the girl with his power and money. Both killed the interest of the girl. No girl likes this sort of showing off. Let her make her own judgment with your style. Don’t try to show off. That will kill your dream date.

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