Sunday, April 1, 2012

Talking To Women - Creating A Chemistry

Talking To Women

What is more important in talking to women- the substance or the style? What do you think? If a man is low on substance but high on style, would a woman love talking to him or to a man who is rich in substance but has no style? The answer is obvious. No woman will love to talk to a man who has minimum style.

Adopt an attitude of confidence. Be an alpha male. Don’t be arrogant, but be confident. Be a knight for your partner. Let her know from your talk that as long as you are there she need not worry about anything in life. You will help her and find solutions. Talk to her in a dreamy way. Don’t talk fast. Weigh your words and let the talk sound like a slow paced walk for relaxation. The ultimate effect should be to make your woman feel happy and enchanted with your talk. Nothing else will work in winning over a woman.

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