Saturday, January 14, 2017

11 Ways to Show Her That You Care

11 Ways to Show Her That You Care man kiss woman love romance couple like adore

Your girlfriend or wife may not expect you to shout out her name from the rooftops or jump off a cliff to prove your love for her. But she may like to see some care and concern from your side without asking for it. So what can you do to make your girlfriend feel cared for? Read on to find out.

1. Bring her flowers, chocolates and wine occasionally
No matter how traditional this idea sounds, you can never go wrong with flowers, chocolates and wine. Women have a weakness for these gifts and you will make her day if you surprise her with these goodies.

2. Be in touch with her family if she likes it
Does your girlfriend like that you come over to her place and hang around with her siblings or family? Does she feel happy that you get along well with her parents? If she does, you can show your girlfriend that you care by going that extra mile and keeping in touch with her family.

3. Surprise her by decorating her bathroom for a luxurious bath
Most women would have a smile on their faces the minute they think about spa, aromatherapy or massage. You don’t need to spend a heavy amount by booking an appointment for your lady love at an expensive spa. Simply add a touch of care and concern for your girlfriend by secretly decorating her bathroom with aroma candles, bath accessories, some music and a tub full of bubbles. Help her to relax and unwind.

4. Finish some chores when she least expects you to
Whether your girlfriend has to photocopy a bunch of papers, send some clothes for dry cleaning or finish a project from school, you can put a smile on her face by helping her with these errands. The key here is to do it before she asks you for help.

5. Give her a special gift on an important date
If you can’t afford a diamond ring straightaway, save up for something special and exciting to gift your girlfriend on important days in your relationship. It could be her birthday or your anniversary. The care will not be apparent by the price tag of the gift but by the fact that you put in so much effort to save and plan for it.

6. Cook something for her
Even if you don’t know how to cook too well, an attempt at trying to put something together will make her feel pampered and cared for. Toss a burger, make some noodles, fries or even a smoothie. Make her feel like a princess.

7. Compliment her on an ordinary day
If you compliment your girlfriend when she dresses up for a party, she may not be overwhelmed by it because she may get compliments from others too. Make your compliment special by giving it to her on a regular day when she is dressed simply and she least expects it.

8. Give her a foot massage
Foot massages are known to be very relaxing and the best part is that they are not too complicated. Pamper your girlfriend’s feet with some warm water, foot cream and a scrubber. Watch how happy she becomes with your fifteen minute job.

9. Watch her favorite movies with her
Taking the initiative to rent some of her favorite movies and planning an evening with her will win you lots of brownie points. You may have to strenuously sit through a couple of hours of romantic comedies or chick flicks but it will show her that you care.

10. Put her picture in your wallet, office or car
If you want to strike a chord in your girlfriend’s heart and make her feel loved, place her picture in your wallet and show it to her. If you are not a fan of putting pictures in your wallet, you can even pin one up on the soft board at your office or in your car. The point is to show her that you have done so and make her feel delighted.

11. Leave her love notes
It is good to be a little cheesy sometimes and explicitly express your love to show your girlfriend how much you love and care for her. Put some sticky notes saying how much you love her on the mirror of her closet or wardrobe, on the dashboard of her car or on the top of her laptop case.
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6 Signs You Are in a Relationship With The Wrong Girl !!

Signs You Are in a Relationship With The Wrong Girl man woman sea couple sad break up divorce abandoned

If you have been encountering road blocks in your relationship or if you feel incompatible with your girlfriend, you could be in a relationship with the wrong woman. Here are a few signs to find out if you are.

1. She seems to like your money and status more than you
Flaunting off your credentials at work or your bank balance may sound good as a one off, but if your woman is doing that on every occasion, you could be in trouble. If you have noticed that she becomes happy only when you give her gifts or take her out to expensive restaurants, it can imply that she may be after your money, not you.

2. She has different priorities
Is your lady love canceling one date after the other because she is giving more priority to other things or people in her life? If this is the case, then it may be time for you to take a reality check. You may be dating the wrong woman because if your relationship is not her priority at all, she may be taking you for granted.

3. She fights with you a lot
Fights between couples are healthy if they are in limited doses and are related to relevant and important matters. Abusing and bickering with each other for everything under the sun may not be the way to go. If your girlfriend picks up unnecessary fights with you all the time, it may be a sign that you are dating the wrong woman and that you may not be able to sustain the relationship much longer.

4. She doesn’t reciprocate your advances of intimacy
Couples in relationships are known to reciprocate each other’s affection through words, physical advances or through other actions of warmth and love. A woman shunning intimacy in a relationship can point towards the fact that she may not be happy or she may have lost interest in her man. If the reasons for your woman ignoring you don’t sound good enough, she may not be Ms. Right for you.

5. She overrides your decisions, views or opinions
It is one thing to differ with someone and another to override them. Your girlfriend may have a difference of opinion with you but if she overrides you on every matter then it may have negative repercussions on your image. If you find her backtracking on every decision that you have taken jointly, it could be an indication that the both of you are not as compatible as you think.

6. She is too possessive and insecure
A man may feel comforted in knowing that his woman is jealous, envious, possessive or insecure about him because it only means that she loves him. But if the insecurity gets out of bounds and if your girlfriend starts questioning you on every single action of yours, she may not be the right woman for you from a long term perspective.
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5 Quick Tips to Impress a Girl On a Date

5 Quick Tips to Impress a Girl On a Date couple man woman girl love romance passion relation marriage married

Making first good impressions will guarantee a healthy start to any relationship. And if it is a date you are going to, then it is important that you impress the girl instantly. Here we share some tips on how to impress a girl on a first date.

1. Arrive on time
The best way to show your date that the evening matters to you is to give it importance. Don’t be late. Don’t postpone. Make it to the first date on time, and the job is half done! And it is always good to take along a bouquet or some small gift for the lady.

2. Dress appropriately
Dressing up for the occasion is vital too. Don’t go shabbily dressed. Depending upon where your first date is happening, choose appropriate attire. Neither should you wear something too formal, nor should you opt for informal wear. Wear something that you are comfortable with. Wear clean shoes. You must appear like a groomed gentleman to her.

3. Improve your body Language
Smile and be pleasant. Keep touching to minimal. Gain her trust first. Avoid overly sexual advancements. Get to know her and make friends with her. Make eye contact but avoid staring! Make sure you do not get nervous or show any sort of physical anxiety. If you feel so, excuse yourself to the restroom and gain your composure before getting on with the evening.

4. Listen intently
Men have a hard time listening to what women speak. But it is necessary that you do. Not only should you listen, but also ask proper questions. Make her feel appreciated and important. When she is with you, act as if nothing else matters. When asked for an opinion, be generic and subtle.

5. Make her feel comfortable
Do not boss around or give out orders. It is best to keep the conversations lighthearted. Make her laugh with your witty sense of humor. But do not share vulgar or obnoxious jokes. Compliment on her dress and make sure she realizes that you are enjoying her company immensely. If you think she is gorgeous, tell her that just looking at her makes you happy.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

4 Signs She is a Gold Digger !!

4 Signs She is a Gold Digger woman girl hold money carry banknote dollars greedy
Are you wondering if your girlfriend is your soul mate or not? Do you wish to find out if she is the one you should be sharing your life with or not? Well, one thing you must watch out for is a gold digger kind of girl. If all she desires are materialistic benefits from your relationship, then, she is certainly not worthy of your time and effort. Read ahead to find out whether she is a gold digger or not.

1. Money Matters
If your girlfriend forever talks about your income, your financial obligations and assets, then it does mean trouble! She may always be asking you questions about how much your suit costs or what is your favorite holiday destination, or how much would you spend on a holiday etc. In short, if money is the only thing on her mind then it can’t be a good news!

2. Spendthrift
If she asks you for money, or expensive gifts even before you two are in an actual relationship, then steer away from her. She will desire to buy expensive things, and spend lots of money on her cosmetics. She may indulge in gambling and turn out to be an alcoholic. Spending money like water and having no sense of responsibility are some sure shot signs of a gold digger!

3. Priorities
A female whose only priority is money is definitely a gold digger. A money minded girl will only talk about shopping, spending and outings. Other things in life like intimate talks, social well-being and important relationships will take a backseat with such a person. Status, prestige and money are the only things that will bother her. So, you certainly are not important to this gold digger!

4. Observe
If all she wants is to go out and eat at expensive restaurants with you, then she is a gold digger. She may not give importance to your thoughts or wishes. She may always be in a world of her own. She makes you pay her bills, and doesn’t tell you what she has bought. She is genuinely not interested in getting to know you. All these things mean that your girl is a gold digger.
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