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How to Handle a Complicated Relationship and Find Success

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If yours has been labeled a complicated relationship for different reasons, you can still find success in it. Allow these 10 tips to guide you.

Some people are doomed to remain in a relationship categorized as “complicated” for as long as they live. They just don’t have these useful tips on how to find success in a complicated relationship.
There are so many reasons people find complications within their relationship. There can be commitment issues, trust issues, long distance, and even abuse issues. They just don’t know how to figure out their problems and find success in the relationship.

Why we stay in complicated relationships when we should just get out
A lot of people might say if you’re in a troubled relationship you should just get out. It’s obviously not worth it. Now, sometimes they may have a point, if it’s reached a critical point. But why is it we just can’t stay away sometimes?
Your love is blinding, that’s why. Sometimes you care so much for a person you don’t realize that maybe they don’t deserve your love. We might even stay because although things are rough now, we believe with the right help, it can be a happy and healthy relationship.
How to handle a complicated relationship and find success
Not all complicated relationships are doomed to failure. You can be in a less than great spot in the relationship and emerge just as happy and successful as the most “perfect” couple you can think of.
You may just need a little help to get there. Truthfully, complicated relationships always have some issue that needs working out. If you’re in a complicated relationship and want to make it a successful and happy one, here’s how you do it.

#1 Isolate the issue(s). Your very first step when handling a complicated relationship to make it a successful one is to find out what the issue is. What is the one thing holding back your relationship and making it difficult?
There may even be multiple issues you should deal with before finding success in your relationship. Does your partner have commitment issues? Do YOU have commitment issues? Do you not trust them? Are you long-distance? Solving these problems is the first step to having a successful relationship. 

#2 Open your communication. Chances are, if your relationship is complicated then there is a severe lack in communication. Most complications come out of misunderstandings or problems the other person doesn’t even know exist.
Come to an agreement to openly talk to each other about everything. When you’re feeling insecure or distrusting or having a problem with what they’re doing or vice versa, openly talk about it and solve those issues immediately. 

#3 Don’t be afraid to demand more. If you think your relationship is complicated, then you’re unhappy. If you believe in the person you’re with and that they’re the one for you, then you can’t be so darn shy about what you need from them.
Open your mouth and let your voice be heard. If they care about you the same way, they will comply if your want is reasonable. If not, then you shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t value you.

#4 Realize you may be the problem. Maybe you’re the very reason your relationship is complicated in the first place. Look at the situation from an outsider’s perspective. Understand you may actually be the one thing stopping your relationship from being successful.
Be honest with yourself. Do you need some fixing before your relationship finds success? If it is you, you should adjust something in your life. Perhaps seek out additional help before you hope to have any successful relationship.

#5 Make your unhappiness known. You may think your relationship is complicated, but your partner may think everything is perfectly fine and you’re both as happy as ever. If that’s the case, you HAVE to speak up and let your unhappiness be heard.
Walk up to your partner, ask them to talk, and then just say it. Tell them why you’re unhappy and that you feel the relationship is in jeopardy. If your partner cares about you as much as you do them, then they’ll be willing to solve it so you can both be happy in a successful relationship. 

#6 Go to your support system. When your relationship is complicated it can be tempting to hide your problems from those closest to you just out of pure embarrassment. Open up to them and let them know what’s going on.
They can give you unbiased feedback on how to fix things, and may even help you find success in your relationship. Having this support system also gives you the courage to speak up to your partner about everything that’s going on as well.

#7 Spend some time apart. You may think this will do harm to your relationship, but it works wonders. You need to spend some time apart if you think your relationship is complicated. Being away from them for a decent length of time not only helps you miss them, but it’ll give you a clear head.
You’ll be able to think through your relationship and situation without their influence. You can figure out how you feel and what you want. Then you can make those clear to your significant other so you can move forward. 

#8 Remember why you’re with them in the first place. It’s funny how when you’re with someone for a while and things start going bad you forget about why you got with them in the first place. You pretty much forget all about the qualities you love about them.
In order to handle a complicated relationship, remember why it is you’re with them in the first place. Who knows? Maybe you won’t be able to come up with a reason, and that tells you all you need to know about how to fix—or not fix—your relationship.

#9 Get rid of the obstacles making it complicated. If you both have really hard jobs and can’t really see each other or one of you has an ex that keeps popping up, get rid of them. I’m not saying to completely give up your job, but find a way to take some time to see them.
Getting rid of those obstacles gets rid of the excuses you both can use to not make your relationship a success. If you don’t have anything holding back your relationship, it can no longer be complicated.

#10 Love your significant other and show that every day. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but most couples completely forget about this. They may tell their partner they love them on a daily basis, but if they don’t show it then it’s completely pointless!
If you don’t feel loved and neither does your partner, then it seems like a complicated relationship. Even doing little things here and there can work wonders in helping you both realize you can have a happy and healthy relationship.

Relationships are tricky things to figure out. For some of us, they end up being a complicated mess. If that’s you, then these tips will help you fix your complications and find success in your relationship.
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Requited Love: 17 Ways to Get Someone to Reciprocate Your Love

Requited Love: 17 Ways to Get Someone to Reciprocate Your Love
You can’t control who you love or who loves you. It is the fun and the curse of it. Want someone to return your love? Try these things for requited love.

Is there anything worse than being in love with someone who doesn’t return the feeling? I suppose war, death, and taxes can be. The most frustrating thing about love is you have no control over who you love or who loves you. The only thing you can do when someone doesn’t have requited love for you, either move on or try to show them a side of you that they may not see.
There is no magical way to stop loving someone. Unfortunately, you can’t just “turn it off,” and moving on is always easier said than done.
If you really feel as if there is something between the two of you that your requited love may be missing, try these 17 ways to peak their interest.

#1 Find commonalities between you. Although opposites attract, having similar interests is a great way to show someone a side of you that they may not appreciate. When you are around them, try to make “special” connections and relate to them in their world. Soon they may find that they enjoy having you around more than they thought.

#2 Try a new look. If you know that you haven’t put much effort into the way that you look lately, physical attraction is very important to a relationship and feelings of love.
Update your look, try working out, or find that “sexy you” inside you may not have known existed. Likely, with a little effort and a good hair expert, you can go from average to awesome. Make them give you a second look. 

#3 Better yourself. It isn’t just important to work on your outside look. Your requited love may be looking for qualities such as kindness, generosity, and empathy. If you are a little short on those things, you may want to find that special you inside. Consider what you give to others and if you have been somewhat “shallow,” finding more depth to your personality may bring out something your requited love finds attractive.

#4 Find someone else. Trying to find someone else is key for two reasons. One, they likely start taking a look at your relationship once you aren’t blowing up their phone or looking at them like a lost puppy.
Two, there is no greater thing to make you look attractive than being unattainable. We always want what we can’t have, and who knows if you find someone, they may be better for you. They may make your requited love wonder why they didn’t snatch you up and come running after you.

#5 Stop calling and texting. Instead of trying always to be in their head, try taking a step back and not being available. They’ve probably become accustomed to you calling and texting. If you are getting the eye roll every time you try to connect, try disconnecting.
Not only will it force you to take steps to move on just in case you weren’t meant to be, but it will also make them miss you. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

#6 Take the friend role. No one wants to get stuck in the “friend” zone. Being their friend first helps you figure out what it is that they are looking for in a relationship. Once you win your way into their heart via the friend path, you have a special perspective no one else has.
You also earn their love, albeit in a different way. Love changes and evolves throughout a relationship. Who knows, it may turn into something romantic along the way. 

#7 Don’t be there to help. Your requited love target has probably become used to you being their emergency contact. They have no idea what it would be like if you weren’t around when they needed someone. Show them what it would be by not being around.
The next time they get in a jam, show them that you have always been the one they can turn to. If that isn’t love; I don’t know what is. 

#8 Try pulling away. We are all creatures of habit. When we have things, sometimes we don’t want them. What we can’t have often looks really amazing and becomes the focus of our desire. If you start to show them you can live without them, you may make them take pause. Not only is it time for you to pull away for your own good and try to move on, but it also makes them think twice about the place you hold in their life, which may just be love.

#9 Don’t make assumptions. The fact that you call them your unrequited love means that you have confessed your feelings, and they don’t return them, correct? If you haven’t ever confronted or been honest about how you feel, then you haven’t given them the opportunity to tell you whether they love you or not.
You only assume from where you are now that they aren’t in love or couldn’t love you in return. The first step is to be honest with them. Who knows, once you let the cat out of the bag, you may find they have the same feelings for you but were just too insecure to tell you too.

#10 Stop pretending to be someone else and be yourself. Sometimes when we are in love with someone and are trying to impress them, we start to act goofy or differently than who we really are.
Trying to impress them, we do and say stupid things outside of our character. As hard as it is, you have to stop feeling awkward around them and let the real you shine. If you already think they don’t love you the way you love them, then what do you have to lose by just being yourself? 

#11 Don’t wait around. Waiting and wishing won’t get you what you want. In fact, the more you continue to invest in someone who isn’t invested in you, the worse you feel about yourself. Waiting for someone to love you is like standing in quicksand. Pull off the Band-Aid and start moving on. Not only will it show your strong side, but it also makes you feel much better about yourself.

#12 Make yourself unavailable. Just like not being there in an emergency, don’t ask how high when they say “jump.” If someone has figured out that you love them, and they don’t feel the same way toward you, they may be taking advantage of you whether you know it, or they do, at all.
The next time that they reach out to you make yourself unavailable. Nothing is more attractive than someone who isn’t into us any more or blowing up our ego by always waiting in the wings.

#13 Think about whether you are really in love. Just like they may love you once they think they can’t have you, could it be that the thing you find so irresistible about them is that they aren’t into you?
Wanting what we can’t have is a really attractive thing, but may be a self-defeating behavior. Take a step back and think about whether you really are in love, or if you are just making sure you don’t have to commit for real. 

#14 Could it be you are looking for the unattainable? Consider this scenario, they turned to you and said that they have been in love with you forever and simply can’t live without you. Do you think you would jump into their arms and live happily ever after? Nothing is ever as fairy tale as we make it in our heads. Perhaps hearing they loved you too would make them slightly less desirable.

#15 Think about all the things you don’t like about them. I know they are absolutely perfect, but if you can, think of the small things that annoy you. Focusing on those things that aren’t all that hot helps you to turn your case of the hots into something a little cooler.
Focusing on the negative is not something I normally tell someone to do, but if you can’t have them, it is a great way of telling yourself you wouldn’t want to anyway!

#16 Would you want to be with someone who doesn’t adore you? Don’t you deserve to be with someone who can’t live without you and thinks you are the diggity? Even if you think they are your dream mate, if they don’t think you are the most awesome creature alive, then you deserve something better. You are worth the same love that you give. 

#17 What is it about them that you love? Try to pinpoint what it is about them that you love so much. There are a billion people on this earth. Surely, if you can find out what it is you love so much, there is another out there who will love you unconditionally for being you.
Nothing is worse than loving someone who doesn’t love you back. You have two choices; you can be yourself, wait and wish that your unrequited love turns to requited love someday, or you can take steps to move on and hope they change their mind.
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Emotional Connection: 8 Small Ways to Build a Happily Ever After

man woman love romance pictures dating couple  Emotional Connection, Happily Ever After

Having an emotional connection with your partner builds intimacy and bonds you as a couple. These eight easy ways develop that intimate bond you crave.

New relationships leave your head spinning for more reasons than one. In fact, the thrill of new love leads to a lot of conflicting emotions. Butterflies in your stomach, nerves, flirty texts, and feeling that amazing sensation as your emotional connection slowly grows into something more. New relationships, am I right?
Opposites may attract with nothing in common, but an emotional connection is still an absolute must when it comes to keeping the fire alive in your relationship. So why is having an emotional connection so important? Sure, being ridiculously attracted to your crush doesn’t hurt either, but looks fade. An emotional connection? That sticks around.
Whether you’re in a new relationship or are rekindling one you’ve been in for years, we’re looking at eight ways to create an emotional connection with your partner.

Dos and don’ts of creating an emotional connection
When it comes to creating a bond with your new love, there are definitely some guidelines to live by. If you’re trying to create an emotional connection in a new relationship, here are some dos and don’ts you might want to consider.

#1 Bond over interests and experiences. Easier said than done, right? This may not be an issue for couples who both enjoy working out, playing video games, watching sports, and cooking together.
But what about the rest? If you and your mate are truly opposites, try bonding over something new together. *Think: wine/painting nights, traveling together, bungee jumping, escape rooms, or skinny dipping!* Not only will this experience of sharing something new together create fun memories, but it also bonds you emotionally. [Read: Couples bucket list: 20 things every couple needs to do]
Don’t believe us? The Association for Psychological Science did a study of 23 female college students who were asked to sample chocolate. First with a partner and the second time alone. The findings revealed when the girls were in pairs they reported enjoying the chocolate more than when they were chomping down solo.

#2 Don’t be shallow. It’s easy to feel like you have chemistry with someone who you’re physically attracted to. That said, don’t be overly shallow with your partner. Yeah, they’re good looking, but that doesn’t make a lasting relationship. Go beyond the superficial and get to know your new partner deep down. This helps you build an emotional connection to who they are, not what they look like.

#3 Have sex! We really don’t have to give you the list as to why sex is awesome for your relationship, but we’re going to anyway. Having sex is a stress reliever, it’s fun, it releases feel-good endorphins, it lowers blood pressure, burns calories, and not to mention… sex is a fantastic way to create an emotional connection.
This is because of that ever talked about super-drug, oxytocin! This little hormone releases from the brain and creates a bond of love and trust between partners. Interestingly, Dr. Daniel Amen suggests in his book that this limbic, emotional bonding is part of the reason friends with benefits never works. The bond has already begun! 

#4 Don’t take without giving. We’ve all had that one friend or partner who only calls you up so they can talk about themselves, their lives, and their problems. Two hours later you hang up the phone and realize you’ve barely said a word! It’s exhausting. The lesson? You want your partner to feel uplifted by you. This creates an emotional connection, and they view you as someone who is giving, not draining.

#5 Share in spirituality. Psychology Today suggests adding spirituality into your relationship creates an extra layer of love, kindness, and respect. Whether you have your own religion or not, bringing a form of spirituality you are comfortable with adds a whole new level of emotional bonding into your relationship.
Reading the Bible together and applying its principles regarding marriage, praying together, asking one another what you believe are the answers to life’s biggest questions *what happens when you die, how did we get here, etc.* and indulging in the spirituality of nature and grand sights creates a heavenly emotional connection.
#6 Don’t fight dirty. Purposely pushing your partner away when you’re fighting is a surprisingly common reaction to a fight. Emotionally disconnecting as a form of punishment to your partner is not only unhealthy, it falls under the ‘fighting dirty’ category.
Name calling, low-blows, and physical reactions can be deadly to a relationships well-being. Avoid tarnishing your emotional connection by keeping the lines of communication open. 

#7 Talk, talk, talk! Bonding over activities and common interests are a great start, but the strongest emotional connection is built by getting to know your partner and talking to one another on a daily basis. Whether you’re talking about your favorite memories, personal opinions, or what flavor of chip you could really go for right about now, talking regularly creates a strong bond on an intellectual and emotional level. 

#8 Show your love. The simple answer? People like to be liked. One way to bond with someone is by making them feel loved, special, and not to mention S-P-O-I-L-E-D. And we don’t mean with dollar bills. Lavishing attention on your crush and showing them you think they’re one in a million is going to make all the difference in creating an emotional connection with your special someone.

Some examples of showing your love in little ways to your partner include:
– Celebrating one another’s successes
– Ask about your partner on a daily basis *”How was your day?” “What are you up to?”*
– Regularly text one another
– Let your partner know when you think about them throughout the day
– Create inside jokes together
– Expressing your attraction for your partner
– Showing forgiveness
Creating an emotional connection with your crush or partner shouldn’t be hard. We hope with these tips and tricks you’ll be one step closer to building an emotional connection with your honey-bunny.
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Reasons Why Courting is Way Better than Dating !!

Reasons Why Courting is Way Better than Dating old movie black and white man woman love romance
Courting is something individuals did a hundred years prior. What is courting, you inquire? Did they know something we didn't? Maybe they had it right!

Is it accurate to say that anyone is else captivated by reality appears about Amish individuals or orchestrated relational unions? Things have progressed toward becoming so free enterprise in the dating scene. There is no such thing as "courting" any longer. Truly, what is courting, does anybody even realize that any longer? Indeed, no self-regarding dating lady could ever tell somebody she was courting, nor would any person admit to it be it he was 22 or 70.

Okay, what is courting at that point?

Courting is an old specialty of dating that comprised of couples not going on "dates" but rather searching for a mate forever. It wasn't something like Tinder where you put the "sensors" out to endeavor to discover somebody. It was a method for dating somebody that implied your sole reason for existing was to "court" somebody to wed. Wedding used to be the sole objective of meeting individuals from the inverse sex, not sex.

What is courting – 12 reasons you advantage from courting as opposed to dating

All in all, what does that mean for us today? Is courting obsolete for our way of life or would it be advisable for us to bring it back? These 12 benefits layout why courting is preferable for you over dating!

#1 You won't squander your chance with the wrong individual. When taking a gander at dating as a way to locate the opportune individual to experience existence with, you won't squander your chance with somebody who isn't right. An incredible approach to filter out individuals, it is alright to in a split second be with somebody and say "this isn't right."

#2 You won't look past things. Frequently when dating, we treat it like cigarettes. Regardless of the possibility that we have an awful ordeal the first occasion when, we think on the off chance that we continue giving it another opportunity, it will show signs of improvement. Rather, we wind up making due with things we know are presumably not alright. The more you give a relationship a possibility, the more prominent probability there is you wind up with somebody who isn't your fantasy date.

#3 You are pickier. When you take a gander at a date as a meeting for your mate forever, you are a great deal pickier about who you will go out with. An unexpected state of mind in comparison to you should kiss a ton of frogs to discover your sovereign. On the off chance that you don't feel it immediately, you don't endeavor to make it fit.

#4 You won't miss the correct one since you are with the off-base. Consider every one of the open doors you miss when you are with somebody. In the event that you are out on the town with the wrong individual, you squander a whole night where the perfect individual might be there as soon as humanly possible before your eyes. Be that as it may, you can't see them since you are blinded by the individual who isn't right for you.

On the off chance that you go into dating with a customary courting thought, at that point you won't pass up a major opportunity for the perfect individual since you are with the wrong one.

#5 Saves you a considerable measure of feelings of grief. Rather than breaking up with around ten individuals whether it is at your hands or theirs, when you take a gander at dating in a courting way, you don't have a similar anguish. In the event that it doesn't work, you know it is alright in light of the fact that they just weren't the ones you should live with.

#6 You tune in to that inward voice. When we date, we rationalize those things that disclose to us things aren't right. The issue is, that little voice should point us the correct way.

When you date, it is conceivable to wake up one day and be so far in without truly supposing it through that you are essentially making a cursory effort. When you remember that each individual you go out with you are doing as such to frame an existence with them, that inward voice is considerably harder to close out.

#7 You wouldn't surrender it. When you court somebody, you need them to have regard for you and to consider you their potential mate forever. That holds you to a higher standard than if you are simply dating.

All things considered, in the event that you simply date, who cares in the event that you lay down with them on the first, isn't that so? You don't lose anything on the off chance that it doesn't work out. Assuming, in any case, you take a gander at your chance together as a way to an eternity union, at that point you are less inclined to make rash and incautious moves like easygoing sex that could demolish your odds at an enduring and significant relationship.

#8 You have an arrangement. There is nothing more terrible than awakening in a relationship where you moved in together and living as though you are hitched for a considerable length of time, yet nothing official happened. A final offer is not just an intense thing to make, it frequently doesn't work to support you.

On the off chance that things advanced normally without a genuine "plan" in real life, or you make your desires known like I need an infant by 30, or I won't live with somebody unless I have a ring on my finger, you can wind up in a relationship that is going no place. By then you may have passed your prime, and you must choose the option to move along and begin once again.

#9 There are desires in advance. The issue most connections have is there are no assumptions about how things should go or what every obligation is. In the event that you aren't straightforward with somebody about the level of responsibility you need in a relationship you bargain your own needs and needs.

When you start an association with a courting state of mind, at that point everybody comprehends what the desires are. You aren't simply winging it planning to get what you need, or sticking around for another person to choose when things are correct or what your destiny is.

#10 You don't get things done to disdain. When you court somebody, all that you do tallies. It isn't as though you can regard somebody as though they are brief until the point when you choose they are somebody you need to be with.

You are additionally less inclined to do doltish things that will cause issues down the road for you. When courting, you aren't playing the field trusting one player emerges, you know who your star player is. You generally treat them with the regard they merit, so no hatred or hurt sentiments assemble when you are prepared to make a dedication.

#11 You merit it. Is there any valid reason why you shouldn't take a gander at each date as the possibility to get hitched? All things considered, the species survived on the grounds that we should discover mates to match up with, ensure each other, and help get past this life.

Courting is a method for regarding yourself as though you are sufficient to be somebody's main in advance. You aren't their goods call, or their alright today date. You are the individual they believe is sufficiently unique to consider being with until the end of time. Don't you merit that?

#12 Economics. For the common sense, courting is an approach to not bankrupt yourself sincerely and monetarily. When you date, there is the potential you put out a ton of time and cash on somebody who is just going to be a major part of your life for a brief timeframe.

The most ideal approach to finding a mate is to ensure you contribute your opportunity and your cash astutely. The most noticeably bad thing is watching somebody leave with all the gems you got them, at the same time knowing they weren't the correct one.

When you make it known you are searching for a long haul mate in advance, you are less inclined to be exploited the distance around.

Courting implies you go into each relationship as a potential mate forever. Not squandering your chance on easygoing sex, or dating somebody for some time to perceive what you think.

It includes being prejudicial, legit with yourself, legitimate with each other and having greater responsibility when you are with somebody. An old practice, however maybe they knew something in those days that we didn't.

It is alright to need to get hitched and to search for somebody to spend whatever remains of your existence with. Despite the fact that not worthy to voice inspired by a paranoid fear of driving somebody away, on the off chance that they were intended to be with you, your trustworthiness won't frighten them away, however make a more elevated amount of regard for your romance.
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