Thursday, December 8, 2016

7 Ways to be a Good Elder Brother

7 Ways to be a Good Elder Brother kids children playing boys young

Siblings are your first friends who stay with you lifelong. Being an elder brother is a task of responsibility as you are looked up to by your younger brothers and sisters. Filling these big shoes is an easy task if you keep these 7 factors in mind.
1.Guide him in life
Guiding your smaller sibling is a given and lifelong role that you have to fulfill. Since you are elder and more experienced, you know the world better than them and hence getting them on the right path and preventing them from going awry in life is what will make you a respected elder brother.

2.Help him with school, college or work
Whether your smaller sibling asks for help or not, it is your duty as the elder child to aid him or her in their school, college or office work. Since you have gone through the motions before, it would be easy for you to help them out in their professional or academic problems.

3.Set a good example
Being the elder one, you ought to be a good role model and thus set good examples in your life for your sibling to look up to, respect and follow. Keep in mind that your actions greatly influence them, whether good or bad.

4.Lessen the fights
Try to avoid fights, especially on petty matters as much as possible. Don’t keep arguing or dominating to have the last word just because you are the elder one. Apologize when you are genuinely wrong as dominance will only lead to frustration creeping in your sibling.

5.Have each other’s back
It’s not necessary to always involve parents in your issues. Say, he or she wants to go to a club or on a date and you know they can be trusted but your parents wont agree, then tell them that they have your back and advise him to support you this way too in times of need. Being supportive is the key word.

6.Share experiences

Communication between siblings should be done on a daily basis and you, being the elder one should share your life experiences that will be useful for your sibling to learn from. You can prevent your younger brother or sister from committing mistakes and getting hurt in life, thus teaching them important life lessons.

7.Be fun and not boring
Generally the smaller sibling is more fun loving and mischievous than his or her elder counterpart. If you are as lively, then i’ts great and if you are not then the least you can do is try to love life more for the sake of your sibling. Going to parties, adventures, trips, events, etc, can be a great bonding experience. However, if you prefer to stick to your more sober lifestyle, it will result in your sibling getting more dependent on their friends and drifting away.
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6 Tips to Break Up Without Bad Blood

6 Tips to Break Up Without Bad Blood man woman walking beach sun sunset waves sand sea love romance couple

The emotions of women are hard to cope up with, more so if you are on the verge of breaking up with them. You never know how they will react, so it’s better to be on the safer side and do what you have to do with tact, sans bad blood or emotional drama.

1.Break the news in real
Whatever happens, do not break up over text, email, letters or even video chat. Be sensitive to the feelings of someone you dated and once loved. Meeting up to break the news shows that you have manners and are chivalrous too, one less reason for her to complain.

2.Explain the reason clearly
Surely you owe her an explanation for the break up. Be clear about the cause of the split, don’t be vague and get her frustrated over guessing about what went wrong.

3.Do it privately
You never know how the break up will affect her. Even if you have known her to be calm and practical, most women end to show knee-jerk reactions and get violent, argumentative or cranky. Hence, to avoid making a scene in public, tell her about your decision in a private place where only you both are present.

4.Don’t talk about it with others
The worst situation is when mutual friends and families get involved. Let her say whatever she wants to but for the sake of maintaining your dignity, keep mum. If others ask you the reason, tell them there were problems and nothing more. Don’t get into details and washing dirty linen in public.

5.Console her
Just because you broke up with her doesn’t mean you turn into a heartless guy who becomes immune to her sorrow. If she starts crying, give her a shoulder to cry on, console her and tell her that i’ts not her fault, whatever the truth may be. However, don’t get swayed by your emotions, and be firm with your decision to split.

6.Don’t rake up past disagreements and avoid a huge fight
As much as possible, avoid getting into huge arguments and showdowns. Don’t rake up past mistakes of her’s to defend your current stance. Tell her you wish for her best but the relationship isn’t working.
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7 Tips to Get a Second Date

7 Tips to Get a Second Date man woman couple walking street

So you have been left mesmerized by the girl you met up for a casual date and want to meet her again. If she is equally into you, it will be a cake walk to take her on a second date. In any case if you feel, on your first meeting with her, that you like her, then be sure you follow these tips.

1.Drop her home
A part of making the right impression on the first date, so that it leads up to the second one, is dropping your lady home. If she lives in the opposite side of town, then that’s an exceptional case, but there is no reason for a guy to not drop a girl home after having a good time with her. It shows good manners.

2.Make an impression
First impression is the last impression. So make it count and put your best foot forward on your first date so that she is inclined to say yes when you ask her out again.

3.Ask her about the second date
If you feel she is liking your company then it’s absolutely fine to ask her about a second date during the first one itself. The more outgoing and confident you are, the easier it would be for you to pose the question nonchalantly.

4.Don’t leave her hanging
One of the most common mistakes guys do that irritate girls’ no end is that they keep them waiting. While you shouldn’t jump on the phone and dial her number as soon as the first date is over, you shouldn’t leave her hanging and guessing as well, especially if you have already hinted at the possibility of a second meeting. Ask her out the second time within a day or two.

5.Shape your conversations
Try to veer your talk with her on the first date towards the prospects of a second meeting. Mention new places you both could go to and keep using the phrase ‘next time’, so that she knows you are interested in a second date.

6.Pay up
Whether you are stinking rich or an average bread winner, the fact is you have asked a girl out for a date and it’s good manners to take the tab for both of you on the first date. This will leave a good impression on the girl for sure.

7.Know her as much as you can
Try to get to know her as much as you can on the first date and through a phone conversation after that. Girls like attention and an opportunity to talk, especially about themselves.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

8 Tips for Dating a Much Younger Girl

8 Tips for Dating a Much Younger Girl man woman love relation couple older man bench park

The road of romance has never been a smooth one, especially if there is a significant age difference between both the people involved. If you have started to get attracted to a girl much younger to you, here are 8 tips to make your May-December relationship rock.

1. Be tender towards her
Considering that she is younger than you, you should be more caring and tender towards her. Ignore her minor faults and support her emotionally. A younger girl tends to look up to you as a father figure so your behavior should display calmness and steadiness.

2. Get romantic
Younger girls are more romantic in nature compared to their older counterparts and love romantic gestures. Even if you are not a romantic take efforts for her sometimes and show your romantic side. Take her for candle light dinners, sing her songs or plan a romantic getaway.

3. Show passion
A passionate affair is what women love, especially younger ones. They do not like a calm, homely elderly kind of a relationship but dig guys who show passion in whatever they do. Being laidback just because you are older is not going to help, so pull up your socks and get actively passionate.

4. Financial stability
Apart from maturity, younger women also look for stability and financial security in their partners. Before you woo her, see if your financial condition is good enough to take care of the both of you. Remember, since you are older she would be expecting you to be paying the bills.

5. Let her live life freely
Remember yourself at her age and think about how you wanted to explore the world and be free. She may yearn to travel here and there, live on the edge and explore new options in life. Do not be the nagging old man who stops her from following her heart and let her live as freely as she wants, as long as it’s not hurting you or your emotions.

6. Ignore vicious talks of others
A May-December relationship is bound to get people talking. Everyone talks and there is little you can do about it except ignore the nasty comments and enjoy your time with your partner.

7. Shower her with gifts
Women love being gifted, especially surprise gifts. One of the qualities that distinguishes you from men of her age is your ability to gift her better and more expensive gifts, so use this to your advantage.

8. Display maturity
The main reason most younger women go for older guys is, the high level of maturity she expects you to have as compared to guys of her age. It’s a known fact that most women are more mature than men of their age and they look for someone who can match their maturity level.
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