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How to Know If You Are in Love ?!

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 Falling in love is a wonderful and crazy feeling that’s worth experiencing at least once in our lives. When you know you are falling in love, the way you look at the world and experience life can change in a moment. But the bigger question is how to know if you are in love? Well, find out here.

Falling in love is an experience worth living for. And the first time you fall in love, that’s a memory of a lifetime. But how to know if you are in love in the first place?
All of us have our own experiences in love, and every moment is as unique as the person who is falling in love.
Many believe in love at first sight while many others think the best kind of love is one where two friends understand each other and fall in love gradually. 
Now however you may fall in love, the feelings are all the same. And when you’re in love, you’ll just know!
When you fall in love with someone, you start to experience feelings and urges that are quite unexplainable and confusing.
Read these signs to know if you are in love. 

How to know if you are in love
Falling is love may be a single emotion, but that single emotion can cause so many hormonal, chemical and emotional changes, it’s almost unbelievable.
You’re definitely in love if you’re experiencing these emotions.

Butterflies in your stomach
For anyone who experiences falling in love it first sight, you can’t really help but experience butterflies in your stomach.
It’s a vague sensation of wanting to throw up and trying to get to the loo at the same time.
Your stomach starts to perform intricate back flips and the insides of your stomach feel like they’re fluttering!
So why does this happen? Surprisingly, no one really knows why this even happens! But it just does.
Some scientists believe this is due to the release of adrenalin by your body because of the nervousness you experience when you fall in love at first sight.

Unexplained happiness
Do you find yourself kissing pillows, jumping up and down in excitement and joy for no apparent reason and giving your lover funny little pet names? You may just be in love. 
According to Helen Fisher, anthropologist from Rutgers University, when you fall in love, the levels of dopamine in the brain increase due to the increased blood flow to the regions where the receptors of dopamine are present. Dopamine, a pleasure chemical, makes you more excited, energetic and full of life.
The dopamine released in the brain make you feel sleepless, restless, full of happiness and make you think about your lover, a lot. Ever taken cocaine? That’s just like an intense burst of dopamine!

You can’t think of anyone else
When you’re in love, you can’t really think of anything else but your lover. They’d be tirelessly running around in your mind and you can’t work, remember things or focus on other interests. This is due to norepinephrine, a chemical compound that gets released along with dopamine, in the brain.

You get sexually attracted… a lot!
In a study conducted on several young couples madly in love, it was seen that the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter found mostly in the intestinal tract, dropped dangerously low, something that’s experienced by people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.
But on the other hand, it was noticed that low serotonin levels in young couples increased the desire to have sex. Talk about evolution’s way of forcing the ritual of baby making while we’re completely attracted to each other!  

You get depressed easily
Do you get upset easily if the person you like upsets you in any manner? Well, you may be in love. While the drop in the serotonin level makes you more horny, it also makes you depressed and anxious!
Even the smallest of things can upset you or your lover, and both of you may end up spending a lot of time trying to please each other with little acts of love and affection. While each act of love increases the love and attraction, each disappointment makes you more vulnerable to pain and depression. 

How to know if you are in love
Falling in love with someone, and staying in love with someone are two completely different experiences. While most people believe it was love right from the beginning, falling in love actually begins with a note of lust and sexual excitement along with the flutter of love.
Falling in love is like a drug, and unfortunately, just like a drug, it doesn’t really last forever. While the levels of chemicals like dopamine and serotonin gradually come back to normal after a few months or years depending on the type of relationship, it’s up to the lovers to find ways to keep the excitement in love alive.
Every time you have a crush on someone, the whole game of chemistry in love starts firing the Bunsen burners and we’re back to square one all over again.
But evolution and the hormone oxytocin though, have found a way to make lovers seek commitment and make couples fall in love forever. It has created stages in love, and all these experiences are just one single stage in the process of falling in love.

So how to know if you are in love? You’re going to be experiencing every single emotion that’s been explained here. But is your love going to last forever? Well, that’s a whole different story!
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How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship

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 Jealousy isn’t always a sign of weakness or insecurity. It could also be an expression of love. Understand how to deal with jealousy in a relationship and experience a happier relationship.

Jealousy in a relationship isn’t always easy to handle.
It can confuse anyone into believing that the relationship is threatened even if they’re in a perfect relationship.
Jealousy crops up in many ways, but in essence, it’s a sign of insecurity and the fear of losing the one you love.
And jealously in a relationship is never ever a bad thing.
No one chooses to be jealous, and almost always it’s misunderstanding and lack of communication that leads to jealousy.

How to deal with jealousy in a relationship
You may get jealous of your partner for several reasons.
You may not like the fact that they’re hanging out with someone else and having a lot of fun, or you may just feel insecure about losing your lover to someone else.
While jealousy due to misunderstanding is acceptable, irrational jealousy isn’t.
When a partner is threatened or feels jealous for the smallest of reasons, it’s almost always a sign of social insecurity and low self esteem.
You may be driven by your fears of losing the one you love and your insecurities may reveal your jealousy as a plea for more love and care. It is human nature, after all, to crave for reassurance and love when doubt arises.
But you should always remember that jealousy is actually one of the biggest causes for the downfall of a relationship. So when you do feel jealous, you don’t bring your partner closer. In fact, you drive them away with your behavior!

Getting rid of jealousy
Learn to trust your partner and don’t doubt them unnecessarily. Regain your confidence and remember that they do love you, and your lover is not going to stop loving you by just talking to someone attractive.
Let there be no secrecy and if something bothers you, tell your partner in a clear and pleasant manner that you did not like or appreciate their behavior. This is a lot better than the good old show of the green eyed monster.

Coping with the green eyed monster
It’s hard to just smile and sit quietly while your partner is flirting or having a fun time with another attractive person, especially while you’re around. It may also make sense for you to get jealous when you see your mate dancing with someone else at a party, or while they’re hugging and kissing an old attractive “friend” whom they met after a long time.
But you know what, your partner’s behavior is completely acceptable.
Put yourself in their place, wouldn’t you hug or kiss a very good friend of the opposite sex if you bump into them after ages? Wouldn’t you be happy to see them? Have you ever found yourself flirting with someone while your partner wasn’t around? Wouldn’t you dance with a good looking friend if your partner’s too tired to dance anymore?
Jealousy pops out of your head, not by the actions of your partner or anything else, but by your own misconceptions. It’s all about the way you perceive and see things.
Humans have a tendency of being pessimistic and hope for the worst when it comes to relationships, and this tendency affects your rational mind. If you were just sitting with your friends and you notice two of your friends who are dating each other having a petty fight over a bit of jealousy, wouldn’t you tell yourself that they were just acting stupid?
Now how are you behaving when you mistrust your partner all the time? The problem with dealing with jealousy in a relationship is that most people forget to put themselves into their partner’s shoes and see what they would have done. You may have had your share of fun too if you were in your lover’s place.

Jealousy in a relationship – Steps to handle it
It is normal to get jealous in love, but jealousy should never be shoved aside or pushed under the carpet. The only way to overcome jealousy in a relationship is by confronting it and overcoming it. At times you may be the one who’s feeling jealous, or at times, your partner may be the one. The best way to help each other is through effective communication and understanding. 

Listen to your partner, really!
Your partner may be trying to say something to you, so pay attention. Most of the times, when jealousy sets in, all your lover wants you to do is pay attention to them, and show them you still care. If you want to work this out, then both of you should be ready to listen to each other and hear what each of you have to say. Try to read your partner’s mind and their actions and give them enough attention if they’re feeling alone while you’re holding someone else’s hand.

Communicate and understand
If you’re annoyed with your partner about something, then just tell them about it. You may sulk and make the day worse for the both of you. Instead of plotting in your mind, just say what’s on your mind and you can work things out faster and have more time to spend in happiness, than in misery. And if your partner wants to tell you something, don’t walk away even if you feel like it makes no sense. Remember, what seems like nonsense to you could mean a lot to your partner when they are hurt and want your reassurance. 

Read the signs
Most of the times, even if your partner is hurt or feeling low, they may not tell you anything about it. So look out for signs that suggest they’re upset about something. Give your sweetheart a hug, rub their shoulders or run your hands through their hair and talk to them. Coax your partner into saying what’s on their mind and let them know that they mean a lot to you. Sometimes, it’s easy to misunderstand, but it’s always easier to make a partner feel better if you try.

Put yourself in their shoes
One of the best ways to deal with jealousy in a relationship is to learn to put yourself in your lover’s shoes. What would you have done if you were in your lover’s place? Would you have behaved the same way? Try to always put yourself in their shoes and try and understand what your partner is going through. Perhaps, your partner is just being nice or trying to make a good impression. Does everything in the world have to revolve around your partner wanting to break up with you? 

One of the best ways to deal with jealousy is to reassure your partner. If you get angry with your partner for getting jealous, things will only get worse. Tell your mate that you’re sorry to have neglected them, if you did neglect them. Or just reassure your mate and let them know how much you love them and care about them. When someone gets jealous, remember, more than anything else, they’re afraid of losing you and they want your attention, badly! 

Jealousy and love
When you feel jealous in a relationship, remember that it’s not a bad sign and it’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s just that you care about someone too much and can’t imagine someone new taking them away from you. At times, you may not like your lover flirting with someone because you feel that they’re having a better time, even without you around. This brings out a feeling of insecurity which can turn into bitter jealousy.
Jealousy can be cute if it’s experienced in moderation, but anything beyond that can change your happy relationship into a frustrated one.
Learn to relax and have a good time when you’re in love, instead of suspecting your lover all the time. Jealousy in a relationship is just a subconscious way to get attention, so learn to face situations and communicate with your partner when you feel low.
And always understand the importance of listening when your partner is depressed or angry for no apparent reason. At times like that, there’s almost always a big reason.
At times, jealousy in a relationship may seem trivial, but if not confronted and overcome, jealousy can burn your relationship apart. Understanding and reassurance is what it takes to hold your love together and overpower the green eyed monster that’s lurking in the corners, waiting to hurt you and make you hate your lover. So overcome jealousy in a relationship and reassure, communicate and fall in love with your sweetheart, more with every day!

Always remember that jealousy in a relationship is the fear of losing a lover and not a sign of aggression or possessiveness. Learn to deal with jealousy in a relationship with these simple tips and you’ll have a healthier and happier relationship.
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What to Write in a Love Letter – All the Tips You Need

What to Write in a Love Letter – All the Tips You Need رسالة حب غرامية

 Writing a love letter should be effortless, but knowing what to write in a love letter and how to start it can be tricky. Use this guide to write a perfect love letter.

Read the introduction on how to write a love letter before you read these tips.
Figuring out what to write in a love letter isn’t easy.
You may be overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas, but you must focus on different aspects, one thought at a time.
Don’t try to rush through the letter or try to pen every thought you have in mind at once.
Relax, and take it one little step at a time.
Stop worrying about whether the letter will be too short or too long. Just write, and use these tips to finish a perfect love letter.

What to write in a love letter – The starting line
For starters, the first two or three words that you use in a love letter are the most special. And as you know it, a letter starts by addressing your lover.
Choose the first words carefully. What is the most special thought you get when you remember your lover, is it beautiful, precious, or are you happy to use their first name with sweet loving words?
Some of the perfect examples are ‘my dearest love’, ‘my precious husband’ or even ‘my beautiful (name)’… 

Let your lover know how much they mean to you within the first few words of your letter.
Another important requirement in a love letter, your letter should have the date when you wrote it. It will be read and reread for many years to come, so why not help your lover remember the day when you wrote the love note?

The first few words of a love letter
When you’re wondering about what to write in a love letter, you’d see that the first few words of a love letter are always the hardest. You’d know exactly what you want to write but wouldn’t know where to begin. What I’d suggest is that you start writing in your own words, and just go on. Very soon, you’d be able to notice the flow of words and situations yourself.
The best way to start off any love letter is by explaining clearly what you’re feeling at that very moment. 

Are you sitting up watching the stars and thinking about your beloved late into the night? Then start off with something that goes like “I have been tossing and turning in my bed, wondering what it is that takes my sleep away and fills my heart with bliss and happiness, and I can think of only one thing, your love…”
When you’re getting stuck trying to figure what to write in a love letter, talking about a circumstance is the easiest way to start a perfect love letter.

Matters of the heart
To write a beautiful love letter, you need to understand that for every perfect start to a letter, you have to fill in the perfect matter by talking about the special moments you’ve shared together and how much they mean to you.
The most special thoughts that you could use in a letter may include special events, occasions, anniversaries, etc. Talk about how your life changed for the better after you met your sweetheart. Recall the times when the both of you were just friends or were wooing each other, write about how much you miss your lover when you are apart, or explain how special and loved you feel when you are around them. The list of things to write about are endless and unique to each person, so I’d advise you to write about anything that you strongly feel and appreciate about your lover.
Any letter written from the heart will always be beautiful and perfect as long as it isn’t too light-hearted or casual. A love letter is a very respectful way to pour out your feelings. So be courteous and polite all through the love letter, and use the letter to convey your deepest feelings that are difficult to explain in words.
Most importantly, you need to remember that a love letter is written to make your lover fall more in love with you, not hold on to their stitches and roll over, laughing. So be sincere and true in the words you choose. 

The last few words of love
When you’re writing a love letter, end the note by telling your lover that you’ve said everything you wanted to, for now. Let them know that you feel a lot happier and loved, now that you’ve penned down everything that you felt deep within your heart.
You can choose your words, and end it just the way you like. But here again, the last few words have to end with a note of never-ending love, just like your letter. “Forever yours”, “In your heart forever, where I belong”, and “With all my heart” may sound cheesy at first, but your lover would be a lot happier to read those loving lines instead of lines that go like “take care”, “see you when I give you the letter!”, “miss ya!”, etc.

Words and accessories
Understanding what to write in a love letter could seem confusing at the beginning, but as the words appear on paper, it’ll get easier by the minute. But even after writing the note, you’re not really done working on the perfect love letter.
Your words may be the most precious part in the love letter, but show your love and effort by going another step further. Drop a few petals of your lover’s favorite flower into the envelope, dab a bit of perfume, pick a perfect bouquet of roses and place your love letter in it, or prepare your lover’s favorite meal, and place the letter in an envelope along with the dessert.
It just goes to show how much your lover means to you, and they’d definitely appreciate the effort you’ve put into the letter.

A few good words and thoughts
Having the will to write a love letter will come naturally, but don’t be overwhelmed by thoughts. Talk about one instance or one emotion at a time, and soon enough, you’ll find that knowing what to write in a love letter isn’t hard at all.
Choose beautiful words when you write a letter. If you have difficulty in finding the perfect words, use a thesaurus if you must. And keep the letter neat. If you scratch out more than a few words, rewrite it again. A sneaky and perfect way to write a love letter would be to write it first in a rough sheet and then rewrite it on a beautiful sheet of paper. It may seem painfully slow, but trust me, a love letter is one of the most cherished possessions anyone would want to have.
Don’t wait for a special day to show how much you love your mate. If you feel like it, write a love letter today. And always remember, there’s no better way to express your love than by writing a love letter.
Knowing what to write in a love letter can seem like a difficult art to master, but all it takes is a lot of love and the patience to take one step at a time, and talk about one circumstance or emotion at a time.
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What is a Good Relationship? – The Signs

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 Every time you get into a relationship, you wonder if you’re going to have a good relationship with your lover. But what is a good relationship really? Find out here.

A good relationship can’t just be found.
It has to be created.
Our lives revolve around love, be it with friends, family or lovers.
We need love in our lives to feel better and live happier.
But are you in a good relationship that’ll give you the bliss and warmth that you crave for?
Ever wondered about what a good relationship is, and what it takes to have a good relationship?
It takes just ten little aspects to create a good relationship.
If you and your partner can boast of achieving all ten of these relationship factors or if you’re almost there, you’ve definitely got the potential to experience all the happy love the world has to offer!

What is a good relationship?
Simply put, a good relationship is a beautiful experience.
It’s easy to find it but it’s even more easy to overlook it.
You can spend all your life looking for true love and a good relationship, and you may never experience it even if it’s right in front of your eyes.
After all, a good relationship requires the happy and willing effort of two lovers, and it blooms more with each passing day.
Want to know if you’re in a good relationship? These ten good relationship factors will show you the way.

#1 You’re happy to be with your lover
In a good relationship, both the partners are happy to be with each other. Good lovers complement each other and balance the relationship. On the inside, you may truly believe that you’re a desirable and attractive person who can get anyone you want. But at the same time, do you also truly believe that your partner too has the qualities to attract anyone they want?
Infatuation is fickle, but love isn’t. Most people get into a relationship and start looking out as soon as the infatuation phase is over because they assume they deserve someone better. In a good relationship, both partners know they’re hot stuff, but they also know they’re perfect for each other.

#2 You argue constructively, if ever
Arguments are never bad, as long as it’s limited to a rare occasion. After all, an argument is only a sign of misunderstanding unless it results because of a bigger conflict like an affair
In a good relationship, you may have differences or arguments, but it’s always constructive to the relationship. You voice your opinions and help your partner understand how you’re feeling and what you really want. By bring up a touchy subject and clearing the air, it helps bring both of you closer in the long run, just as long as the same mistakes don’t happen again.
And always remember this, irrespective of who started a fight, it’s the responsibility of both partners to end it as soon as possible.

#3 You love your partner unconditionally
Lovers in good relationships are always happy. And as corny as it may sound, they feel happier when their partner’s feeling happy. Call them soul mates if you must, but in a good relationship, the happiness one experiences isn’t just one sided.
Have you ever gone out of your way to make your partner feel good, even if it means sacrificing something for yourself? 
When you’re in a good relationship, both partners go out of their way to make their lover feel good. Do you have that unconditional love in your relationship?

#4 You communicate and learn
A relationship matures over time. While your partner and you may have fallen in love at first sight and had the perfect chemistry, it takes take a bit of work to retain it.
In a good relationship, both partners don’t take each other for granted. They communicate with each other and understand about each other’s lives, be it personal or professional. Spend time together and learn about each other’s thoughts and ideas. We change as individuals all the time, so make sure you know your partner for the person they are now, not what they were years ago when you first met. In a good relationship, you should be the shoulder to lean on for your partner and the voice that motivates them. 
Do you really know everything about your lover? Do you motivate your partner and help them realize their dreams and aspirations?

#5 You respect each other
True love isn’t enough to hold a relationship together. In a good relationship, both partners must respect each other too. In your everyday life as a couple, you have to take a lot of decisions all the time. Do you make all the decisions when it comes to matters of the relationship, or does your partner do that?
If you do respect each other, you’d give importance to each other’s opinions before making a decision. On the other hand, if you don’t really respect your lover, you may ask for an opinion but do what you feel is best anyways. It may work for a while, but eventually one partner will start to dominate the other psychologically and that can only lead to subdued or even open frustrations in the relationship.

So what is a good relationship really? It’s a perfect relationship where two lovers understand each other and love each other. Click here to read the next five points on good relationships and sex, work, support, trust and most importantly, love in how to have a healthy relationship.
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