Monday, August 22, 2016

4 Rules for Drinking on the First Date

4 Rules for Drinking on the First Date,man woman love romance

They say, the first impression is the last one. Hence, it is very important to present yourself in the best possible manner on your first date. While trying to do so, your heart beats faster and the breath skips crazily at the impending moments. You need some much needed courage to carry on through the evening smoothly and with panache. Will a drink give you the much needed boost up? Perhaps yes. But there are certain rules for drinking on the first date. Check them out.
1. Offer her a drink
A small drink may act as a confidence booster, but make sure you are not the one to order first. Ask your date if she wishes to have a drink and what would she like to have. This would come across as a gentlemanly act and she may get impressed.
2. Ask her for permission
It comes across as a chivalrous gesture when you ask a lady for permission to have your drink. It shows that you value her comfort over your indulgence. Don’t let alcohol spoil the show for you. Watch the amount of alcohol you are consuming. You may end up making a fool of yourself and your first date may be the last.

3. Hold your drink properly
It’s tough deal to meet a person for the first time and enjoy yourself. There are a number of conscious constraints that hold you down. Drinking makes sure that it becomes easier to meet a person. However, hold your drink properly or you may spill it over. It will act as a turn off for the girl and she may never meet you again.
4. Make sure you don’t smell all “boozey”
Alcoholic drinks leave behind an odor. This stench can be a big turn off for your new date. If you want to make the rules of attraction work, then you must work on your scent.
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5 Reasons to Get Along With Your Mother-in-Law

5 Reasons to Get Along With Your Mother-in-Law ,man mom family happy

They say you not only marry the girl but also her family. Though we have heard enough jokes and stories about how men can never get along with their mothers-in-law, there are enough reasons to give friendship a chance. We tell you why it is important to be on good terms with the mother of your better half. 

1. She means a lot to your spouse
The simplest of reasons why it is important for you to respect and love your mother-in-law is the fact that she is an important part of your wife’s life. When you marry someone, you automatically marry their family as well. It would mean a lot to your wife if you give her mother the same kind of affection that you give to your mother.
2. It will help you understand your wife better
Since your wife is her daughter, there are bound to be some similarities in their behavioral patterns and attitudes about certain things in life. Trying to understand your mother-in-law can indirectly help you know your wife better. Also, as you interact with your mum-in-law and learn more and more about how things were when your wife was growing up, it will give you some perspective as to what shapes her present day personality.
3. A rift with your mother-in-law could harm your marriage
If you and your mother-in-law are constantly fighting and arguing then eventually, this is bound to start affecting your marriage negatively. You will soon start having disputes with your wife regarding her mother and would expect your better half to take your side in an argument. By putting her in a tough spot, you are inviting stress in your marriage.

4. It will reduce stress
If you do not get along well with your mother-in-law then this would be a cause for disputes on every family get together. Be it weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or promotion parties, there will always be stress among the family members since you two are not able to work things out. So, work the other way round and efflower your relationship with your mum-in-law.
5. She can help you solve disputes
Since no one understands your wife better than her own mother, being on friendly terms with your mother-in-law can actually come in handy when things go bad in your marriage. You can always rely on your mum-in-law to act as a bridge and try and make things right between you and your wife. In such scenarios, she will be able to get through to your wife more easily than you.
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5 Tips to Date Younger Women Successfully

man hold woman hand first date,5 Tips to Date Younger Women Successfully

People have become quite liberal these days when it comes to dating someone. They fall in love with someone, irrespective of the age or past of the person, and that leads to a lot of different kinds of relationships. Earlier, it was believed that a man should marry a woman who is about four or five years younger to him. However, these days, many men remain single till the age of 40 or 50, and then find love in someone half their age.

The good thing is that a lot of people these days are accepting the fact that there is nothing wrong in such relationships. It doesn’t matter how old or young a person is, as long as they are in love and are happy together. However, one must realize that when you date someone really older or younger than you, then there are certain natural mental and psychological growth patterns of the other person that you need to get accustomed to. To put it simply, a 45-year-old man might not want to go clubbing, while his 28-year-old girlfriend might want to do that.

So how exactly does a man deal with such a situation when he is dating someone younger? Here are some tips to date younger women successfully.
1. Don’t forcefully be young
There is a reason why that younger woman is dating you, and that reason is your maturity. She must have dated other men of her age, and wouldn’t have found them to be responsible or mature enough, so she would have fallen for you seeing the opposite traits. And you need to keep giving that to her all the time, because that is exactly what she likes in you. After all, you have more experience than her in a lot of things in life, so use that to please her, instead of forcefully trying to act young, in an effort to impress her. If she liked younger people, she wouldn’t have been dating you.
2. Respect her experimental stageYou are way ahead of those years in your life where you experimented with various things, and are now finally settled. But she is still starting to explore life and the various options it brings to her, career wise and otherwise. So respect that stage of her life without too much interference and poking. She has all the right to make mistakes and learn from them, just like you did when you were her age.
3. Remember she is an adult, after all
Just because you have more experience of life than her, it does not mean that you shower her with free advice, or put restrictions on her without thinking. She is an adult, after all, and not a child. She obviously would know what’s best for her, and even if she doesn’t, let her figure that out on her own, at her own pace. You have no right to spoil that pace for her and control her like a little child.

4. Understand what she wants
Unfortunately or fortunately when you are in such a relationship, you need to prioritize the girl’s wishes more. You need to understand what she wants, more than making her understand what you want. This is mainly because of the fact that she likes people older to her as they are mature (and that obviously means that she herself might be a little mature for her age, thus making you both compatible), but at the same time she may also want to use her young age to live a lot of fantasies that young people have. So you need to find that point of balance, and please her, the way she likes it. Moreover, move at her pace, and don’t rush things into marriage or anything else, unless she is comfortable. You have crossed your marriageable age, but she may have not even reached her desired marriageable age yet!
5. Communicate a lotJust like they say that siblings or even parents and children can have a generation gap, similarly, you two also have that gap. The only way you can fill that up is by communicating a lot and discussing things openly. It is only when you both will be convinced and happy with your slightly odd and unconventional relationship, that you will be able to convince the world about it. So make sure your foundation is not shaky, and both of you are talking to each other a lot about what’s bothering each other, or how you should take the relationship forward.

Needless to say, not all relationships are the same, and somewhere down the line you will start to build your own little list of tips and pointers. But these basic ones should help you start off the bond happily and deal with the initial stages well enough.
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Request and Not Demand in a Relationship

man woman lovers shadow sun on wall, Reasons Why You Should Request and Not Demand in a Relationship

Handling relationships is a sensitive affair. Many times in life, we often don’t realize that small personal traits of people can cause big issues in the most important of our relationships. When a person does not change these traits in himself or herself, they start to annoy the other person in the relationship, and sooner or later, the relationship starts to get weak.

One such thing in each relationship is the habit of demanding. It is said that there is a very thin line between demanding and requesting, and those who understand that can often find it easier to manage their relationships well. This thin line is what saves your bond from breaking, and also makes it stronger in the process. Here is why you need to realize that you should request instead of demanding things in your relationship.
1. It makes you both equal
A healthy relationship is about two equal people sharing their lives together. When even one of them turns out to be dominating, and starts demanding things from the other person, it changes the dynamics of the relationship to that of ‘a seeker’ and ‘a giver’. The seeker always demands, and the giver always provides, irrespective of whether she likes it or not. Don’t create this unnecessary hierarchy in your relationship, and always request for things with mutual respect and understanding, so that you both stand as equals.
2. It makes you seem mature
When you demand for things, it means ‘I want this now, anyhow’. But when you request for things, it means ‘It’d be nice if I had this. Can you try to get it?’ In the first case, you seem like a stubborn child, who is impulsive and selfish, and wants things immediately, irrespective of whether the other person can get it or not. However, in the second case, it shows that you are mature enough to listen to a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ both, depending on the circumstances the other person is in, and whether she can do it or not. So that reflects more maturity and understanding from your side.
3. It prevents fights
Demanding things can create unnecessary fights and arguments, hurting the other person’s ego and sentiments. That does not happen when it comes to requesting. Just like there is a subtle difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’, there is a sweet subtle difference between ‘request’ and ‘demand’, and one must understand that to avoid a situation where the other person loses her temper and things get ugly.

4. The other person can take ownership
When someone fulfills a demand, they may have done that forcibly because they were under pressure to do so, as you left them with no choice. But when you request for things, the other person can take ownership of the request made, and can do the task happily to please you, without any burdens. So in the latter case, the person is actually doing it out of her heart for you, and has no expectations in return, because she has achieved what she wanted – to make you smile! This is a great way of strengthening your bond.
5. It shows value
One of the biggest things about making requests is that it shows you value the other person in some way. It means that you actually think that they are the ones who are capable of doing something for you, and that you wouldn’t trust anyone else with those requests. In demands however, you give out a very selfish vibe, where you just care about the things that will make you happy, and it doesn’t matter who does it for you. In that case, the other person feels that she has no real value in your life, and that she can be easily replaced by anyone else in your life, who would fulfill those demands for you.

So think carefully before you speak, and phrase your words right. Make sure you request for things, understanding the other person’s position, instead of demanding them like a boss. That sorts out quite a lot of relationship problems.
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