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What Are We? Getting Your Crush to Label Your Relationship

Getting Your Crush to Label Your Relationship man woman girl love romance date first

  One of the most frustrating things about a new relationship is answering the “What are we” question. Here’s the sneaky way to find out!

Oh boy. When it comes to labeling the relationship, it can send both parties involved into a spiral of emotions that can induce some crazy behavior by either person. I know what it’s like to be seeing someone for a couple of months without knowing the answer to the dreaded question: what are we?
But I couldn’t just blurt out, “What are we?” could I? No. Because those three little words have the power to send a person running for the hills with no intention of ever turning around to see you again. This is largely in part due to commitment issues.

What are we? – The commitment issues decoded
Committing to someone is a big deal. You’re basically proclaiming that you will dedicate a certain amount of time, energy, and effort to them for as long as the relationship will last. And for some people, that’s just terrifying.
Commitment issues can be caused by all kinds of things. Mostly, it’s because someone has never seen a successful relationship. For others, it can be because of a personal relationship they’ve had that just hasn’t worked out. Either that, or they just like being with a lot of people at once.

How to get them to label the relationship
In order to get someone to commit and finally label the relationship, you have to be very sneaky about it. If they know what you’re trying to do, they may get scared off. In that case, you definitely won’t have a label, because you won’t have a relationship.
Luckily for you, I have a lot of experience when it comes to this and have helped out many of my friends with this same problem. Here’s how to get your crush to label the relationship without flat out asking, “What are we?”

#1 Give it enough time. You can’t just ask someone after the first date if the two of you are boyfriend/girlfriend. That’s just unreasonable. You have to wait long enough that you have had a substantial amount of time to get to know each other first.
Spend some time getting to know as much about them as you can before even deciding for yourself if you want to be with them officially. Going out on dates, spending the night, and asking them deep questions will help. 

#2 Make them LOVE you. The best way to get someone to label your relationship is to make them never want to let you go. How do you do this? Well, simply put, be the best significant other that they’ve ever had and make them fall in love with you.
Of course, only do this if you care for them and want them to be around for a long time. All you have to do is be understanding, have a sense of humor, and surprise them with nice gestures or date nights every once in a while. They’ll be putting a lock on that relationship in no time. 

#3 Don’t pressure them. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to put too much pressure on figuring out a label. It will probably just freak them out and make them a little hesitant to keep going if they feel you’re moving too fast.
Unless they bring it up, don’t even talk about a label. Just be happy with your present relationship, and you’ll be surprised at how fast they’ll want to label it. When people aren’t pressured to do something, they actually want to do it a lot more.

#4 Hint that you are exclusive. Make sure that your significant other knows that you’re not dating around and seeing anyone else. Don’t outwardly say that you’re exclusive, but mention that you’ve turned down dates because you already have someone who makes you happy.
When someone knows that you’re already committed to them, it eases their insecurities. This could make them much more likely to follow suit by committing to you and labeling the relationship. 

#5 Introduce them by using only their own. This can be kind of confusing, but since you don’t actually have a label yet, just introduce them to people by their name and nothing else. Don’t even add that they’re your “friend.”
Not only will this get their attention, but it’ll probably point out the awkwardness of not having an answer for the “what are we” question. This may give them the push they need to start introducing you as something, and “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” is almost the only way to do so. 

#6 Make them introduce you to people. When you two go out together, make sure they introduce you to the people they know. Pay close attention to how they’re doing this, too. Do they introduce you as their boyfriend or girlfriend, just their friend, or only by your name?
This puts a little pressure on them *although not by you* because they’re on the spot for figuring out what to introduce you as. And it might also cause their friends or family to ask them who you are, and thus, they’ll label the relationship.

#7 Spend time with other people. I’m not saying to date other people and make them jealous. However, seeing you with others may trigger a sense of protectiveness that will make them want to claim you as their own. The only way to do this is to give you a label.
Be careful, though, that this doesn’t backfire. If you’re being too flirty with other people and making it look like you’re dating others, your crush might get mad and forget about pursuing the relationship altogether. Make sure it’s just enough to give them the push they need.

#8 Be committed to them. Commit yourself to them! Be their boyfriend or girlfriend without actually calling them that. Not having a label doesn’t have anything to do with how you act or the way you treat them.
Once they realize that you’re committed and in it for the long haul, they’ll have a lot less reservations about calling you theirs for real. 

#9 Invite them to future events. This is a great way to get someone to commit and label the relationship. Just start inviting them to different events that you have coming up.
If they’re accepting invitations to things that are months away, then they’re pretty much already committed to being with you long-term. The actual label is sure to follow shortly.

#10 Be patient. Everyone moves at different paces. I once dated a guy for two months before I asked him if we were official, but he just wasn’t ready. Even after three months, he couldn’t commit. Ultimately, it didn’t work out.
However, my current boyfriend and I were only dating for a couple of weeks before he asked me to be his girlfriend. Granted, we were friends for years prior to this, but still. The point is that you have to be patient. If they’re worth waiting for, then give them some time.

Getting someone to label the relationship without actually asking them, “What are we?” can be very difficult. But if you don’t want to scare them away, this is the perfect way to get them to label the relationship.
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Make Them Swoon: 20 Swoon-Worthy Romantic Words

Swoon-Worthy Romantic Words man play guitar for woman girlfriend girl love romance sing

 If you’re looking to whisper sweet nothings in your lover-to-be’s ear, you’re at the right place. Use these romantic words to make them weak in the knees.

One of the best ways to get someone you desire to be yours is to use your romantic words. The way you communicate with someone says a lot about who you are and what you’re going to be like as a significant other.
Meaning, you can be short, blunt, and not nice, or you can be sweet, kind, and romantic. Which one tends to get the ladies and guys? That’s right. Sweet, kind, and romantic almost always wins in this instance.
Now, this isn’t for the fellas only! Sure, women may be the better known gender for liking romantic words flying across their phone screens or whispered in their ear beside a roaring fire, but men like to be sweet-talked too. Although some might feel their manhood was at stake if anyone found out, they appreciate some romance from their ladies.

Make them yours using these romantic words!
In the chase to make someone your significant other, you need more than just a great first impression. In fact, all your impressions make a huge impact on whether or not someone will want to commit to a relationship with you.
If you’re not very creative or are struggling to think of anything romantic in your love-stricken brain, we’ve put together a list of romantic words you can use to lure in the one you have set your sights on and make them yours.

#1 You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I’m near you. This is not only great for easing your way into romantic words, but you’ll let the other person know just how much their presence affects you. 

#2 You and I are far from being perfect, but together we’d give perfect a fighting chance. Again, this is not only telling your person of interest that you’re into them. You’re also acknowledging the fact that you would be better off if they were in your life regularly.

#3 The most exciting times in my day are when I see your name appear on my phone. These romantic words are simple and to the point. Everyone likes to hear that they excite someone and this is a perfect way to get that point across.

#4 One day I caught myself smiling for no reason… then I realized I was thinking about you. If you want to make someone smile ear-to-ear, these are the romantic words you should use. 

#5 I might have a million other things to worry about, but you never leave my mind for a second. If you’re running around on a busy day and want to send a quick text to the person you’re crushing on, this one speaks volumes.

#6 Whenever someone brings you up in conversation, I can’t help but get butterflies and a goofy grin on my face just knowing that you’re mine. This is something sweet and honest to tell someone that you’ve already snatched up. You feel so elated that just their name makes you so happy.

#7 I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will. This is simple, but very powerful. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and want to liven up the romance, use this quote.

#8 There are only two times that I want to be with you… Now and forever. This one is really cute when you split it up into two different texts or create a long pause. You might get a light punch on the arm if you’re in person, but their smile afterwards will be worth it.

#9 I just can’t seem to get you off my mind… but then again, why would I try? This charming quote reiterates the fact that you can’t seem to stop thinking about them, and you don’t even want to.

#10 I can’t even get through a day without smiling at the thought of you in my arms. During a long day at work, shoot this text to your significant other or person of interest. They’ll feel the romance.

#11 If I had my life to live over again, next time I would find you sooner so I could love you for longer. If you’re a couple that has been together for a long time, and you want to use some romantic words to spice things up, this one lets them know just how much you care for them

#12 The good things in life seem better when I’m with you. These romantic words are perfect to use if you have good news and are sharing it with them. It’ll show them that you appreciate how much good they bring into your life.

#13 There aren’t enough words in the English language that can describe how I feel when I’m with you. There are a LOT of words in the English language. So by saying this, you’re really making them think hard about how much you love and care for them.

#14 Sometimes the only part of my life that I’m sure about is the part where I’m with you. If you’re going through a rough time and still want to be romantic, this really lets them know that no matter what you’re going through, you want them to be a part of it.

#15 I love you for all that you are, all you have been, and all you have yet to be. This is a really kind thing to tell someone who is having trouble realizing just how much you love them, and even if they’re struggling with self-esteem issues. 

 #16 To the world you might just be one person, but to me, you are the world. You can really put them into perspective with these romantic words and let them know how special they are to you.

#17 Everybody says that you only fall in love once. But that can’t be true because I fall in love with you every single day. This is a powerful message that you’re sending to your lover. It really shows how much you care and how big an impact they make in your everyday life. 

#18 Do you ever feel like you would rather stay awake because reality is better than your dreams? Because that’s how I feel every night. By saying this, it’s a better and more romantic version of telling someone that they’ve made your wildest dreams come true.

#19 I’m very indecisive and have trouble choosing my favorite anything… but with you, you’re my favorite everything. If you know you’re an indecisive person and your significant other knows it too, this one knocks them off their feet and makes them fall for you yet again.

#20 I can’t promise to fix all your problems, but I can promise to always be here so you won’t have to face them alone. With these romantic words, you’re really promising that you’ll be a partner in their life. Something that’ll make just about anyone swoon.

They say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, but I really think it’s through their ears. Saying these romantic words can make anyone swoon and want to be with you for a long time.
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20 Stuck in Love Quotes that Make You Long for Them More

beautiful girl lovely hot attractive woman lay on bed lying

When we venture away from the people we care about most, we feel it pretty hard. Here are 20 stuck in love quotes guaranteed to make you miss them more.

The reality of life is that we’ll experience times where we can’t help but be away from our loved ones. We might travel for work, have a family gathering, or even live far away from them in general. These stuck in love quotes will remind you of how much you miss them.
During these times, we start thinking about how much we care about them. We spend so much time without them we start thinking about every single detail of them that made us fall in love in the first place. This just proves how stuck in love you really are.

Why we miss our significant others so much
We don’t just miss our lovers because we like their company and feel lonely without it. Sure, that may be a small reason. But there are even bigger reasons why we crave their presence when they’re absent from our lives for even as short as a day.
We, as humans, get used to someone’s scent. I know that sounds a little weird. When we love someone, their pheromones are around us often, and they actually make us feel calmer and happier. So when we’re not subconsciously smelling their pheromones our bodies get uncomfortable, resulting in us missing them.

Stuck in love quotes to make you miss them more
When you start missing your significant other and can’t be with them, you might turn toward looking at cute couples online or, better yet, reading quotes that you can relate closely to, or even share them via text if you want.
If this is you and you’re looking for something reminding you even more of your love for them and make you miss them that much more, these stuck in love quotes are what you need. Save some for looking at later or send them to your lover just to remind them of how you feel.

#1 “It’s not about being stuck in love that makes me happy, it’s about being stuck in love with YOU that makes me happy.” When you’re sitting there, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about their adorable face, think about what truly makes you happy. It’s not just being in love, it’s being in love with them. 

#2 “Being stuck in love doesn’t mean that you’re inseparable. It means being separated and nothing changes.” Even if you’re apart right now and missing them like crazy, realizing that this is your reality makes you feel that much better and maybe you’ll miss them even more.

#3 “I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you weren’t perfect and so I loved you even more.” Thinking about how much you love them despite their imperfections and flaws makes you miss them and wish they were with you.

#4 “Being stuck in love is an extraordinary feeling when the person you love loves you back.” We all know that sometimes our love isn’t reciprocated. Thinking about how lucky you are that your significant other loves you back makes your heart squeeze.

#5 “I can’t blame gravity for falling in love, but I can blame you for making me be stuck in love.” This is a great one to send their way when you’re really missing them. They might just send you something back that makes you miss them more.

#6 “I look at you and I see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” It’s so simple, yet it means so much when you think about their face next to yours in the morning.

#7 “I’m much more me when I’m stuck in love with you.” You send this in a text and let them know they complete you as a person.

#8 “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” If you’re lying there before bed thinking about how much you miss them, sending this makes you miss them even more.

#9 “I would rather spend one lifetime stuck in love with you than face all of the ages of this world alone.” This simply lets them know even though you’re apart, being stuck in love with them forever is better than spending eternity alone.

#10 “I realized I was thinking of you, and then I wondered how long you’d been on my mind. I realized that since I met you, you’ve never left.” This is the true definition of being “stuck” in love. Your mind is stuck on them, and they love hearing it. 

#11 “I only miss you when I’m breathing.” This makes you miss them even more with each breath you take after realizing the truth behind it.

#12 “Without you here, the sun forgets to shine.” Sending this to your lover shows them just how much they light up your life, and how noticeable it is when they’re gone.

#13 “When you’re stuck in love, you don’t realize how hard you have to try to force yourself to stop thinking about someone.” Think about this one. Being stuck in love is like always having a constant reminder of another person.

#14 “Being stuck in love with someone is missing them when you’re apart but still feeling warm inside because you’re close at heart.” Even though you’re not together, seeing this quote has you missing them like crazy, simply because of how true it is.

#15 “Are we not like two volumes of one book?” Send this to them with an adorable picture of them reading and you’ll miss them even more after realizing that the two of you are connected in deep ways. 

#16 “You know you’re stuck in love when you don’t want to go to sleep at night because your reality is better than your dreams.” If you think about this when you’re missing them, it makes you miss them that much more. Because you realize how much better they truly make your life.

#17 “I want to be stuck in love with you, right now, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and for the rest of my life.” Missing someone makes you realize just how much you want to spend forever with them and this quote will make you wish forever came much faster.

#18 “You’re the only person I want to fall asleep next to every night.” Lying in bed before falling asleep and sending them this in a text makes you miss having their warmth next to you as you drift to sleep. 

#19 “Being stuck in love with you is like being at home everywhere we’re together.” This makes you love and miss them more simply because of how much you realize you feel out of place and not at home without them near you.

#20 “If I did anything right in my life, it would be getting stuck in love with you.” We all know not everything we do in life is the best, but realizing you made the right decision in being with them makes you miss their presence even more.

Being stuck in love can be an amazing feeling until you start to miss them. These quotes help you realize their worth in your life and have you missing them like crazy!
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10 Couple Goals We Actually Need in Our Relationships

10 Couple Goals We Actually Need in Our Relationships man woman love romance sunset top of building

With all the advice and tips on how to make a relationship last, many stray too far from the truth. Here are the REAL couple goals you should be following.

There are so many people who have opinions on what a real relationship looks like. They base these opinions off of their religion and culture or purely on what they’ve been told growing up. Either way, it’s hard to know what you should really look for in a life partner. Couple goals have become a thing, but they don’t really show a real couple at work.
The idea of “couple goals” has been all over the Internet as of late. Many different social media accounts cover this topic and basically just show pictures of—probably—models posed for a really cute couple-like picture. The problem is that those aren’t real.

Why we love the “fake” couples
We are SOOOO obsessed with super cute couples who seem to be perfect and amazing and really happy with each other. We ogle at images on the Internet of couples posed to look really intimate and we can’t get enough. But why is that?
Well, it’s because we think that’s reality, and we wish it was ours. We wish we had someone to hold us just like the person in the image is holding their “loved one.” We think we’re able to have that reality and daydream about those specific couple goals.

Couple goals we should all emulate in our relationship
The problem with all of those couple goals pictures taking over social media is that they’re not real. Sometimes, sure, they’re real people, but even then it’s one still frame in their lives. Nobody posts pictures of all the hardships relationships endure.
Not all of those pictures are full of junk, though. Some of them do depict real couple goals to emulate in your relationship. But more often than not, the real couple goals you should have for your relationship aren’t seen. Here is what you should be working towards in a relationship.

#1 Real, and sometimes brutal, honesty. Real couple goals means telling your significant other when they’re acting like a whiny little twit and then proceeding to tell them to fix their attitude. Be honest with your life partner!
 No matter if it’s just about something small or coming clean after withholding important information, your goal should be to find someone you can be open and honest with no matter how painful the truth may be.

#2 Unwavering trust. Without trust you just don’t have much of a relationship at all. If you really want to emulate real couple goals, then you have to be able to trust your partner unconditionally, and they have to be able to trust you too. If you find this kind of love, it’s worth more than anything else.

#3 Open communication. Being able to talk to your significant other about anything is SO important in a relationship. Real couple goals allow you to bring up any topic of discussion, mild or severe, and get through it without issues.
When you keep open communication you’ll get through fights easier, have your needs met, and bond and relate to your partner on a much deeper level. All of which make for a stronger relationship.

#4 Being yourselves. This may be the most important couple goal for you to have walking into a relationship. BOTH of you have to be able to be 100% yourselves around the other, no matter the situation.
If you cry during sad movies, then you better be able to let those tears flow around your significant other. If you’re a total heartless brat when you’re hungry—like me—you have to be with someone who accepts that completely without hesitation.

#5 Caring about each other’s safety. Now, this may be a couple goal you’ve seen plastered on those cutesy couple’s accounts with a screenshot of a text conversation where the guy says, “Drive safe,” or “Let me know when you’ve made it home, okay?”
Those aren’t just cute, they’re actually real couple goals, too. Caring about one another’s safety as if it were your own is the kind of relationship you hope to be in.

#6 Being okay with spending time apart. No couple spends every waking moment together and remains together. Honestly, you may end up killing each other that way. You have to be able to spend your time with friends or even alone.
Everyone needs “me time,” and if you can’t handle being away from your significant other for whatever reason, your relationship crumbles. Have real couple goals and emulate being strong while being apart. 

#7 Arguing—over the stuff that actually matters—and make up. Yes. Arguing is definitely a couple goal, and one that you may not see or hear about nearly as often. The truth is, it is really healthy for couples to argue about things, if they matter.
You should be able to get through an argument about something you feel strongly about and still come out of it loving your significant other. Your arguments can’t be trivial, and you always have to find a way to get around your obstacles.

#8 Sacrificing certain things for each other. It could be as simple as giving up one night a week to watch them play a sport or giving up a really good job because they got their dream job across the country.
No two people live in a healthy relationship without giving something up that they like as long as it’s not something too serious. Real couple goals involves being able to give up something you care about for the other person’s happiness.

#9 Being able to have meaningful conversations. You’ll never believe how many people say how much they LOVE “just talking” with their significant other but can’t answer the question, “What do you talk about?”
A couple goal to emulate in your relationships is to be able to talk about meaningful stuff with each other. You have to connect with someone in such a way that you can have those deep conversations and come away feeling as though you’ve gained knowledge and insight. 

#10 Being with your best friend in the world. This is a couple goal pretty much everyone says is important, and there are so many pictures out there emulating this. It’s actually very true. In every sense of the word, you should be with your very best friend—that you’re attracted to, obviously.
Your best friend is someone you count on to be there at every wrong turn, someone who never judges you, and someone you spend hours with doing nothing and have a great time. That’s why you should also find those same qualities in someone you spend your life with.

With all the couple goals you may hear about through social media accounts, these are the real ones you should have. With these couple goals on your list of things to emulate in your next relationship, it would be nearly impossible for it to fail.
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