Saturday, October 8, 2016

6 Cool Ways to Attract Women Fast !!

6 Cool Ways to Attract Women Fast ,bother sistar love romance couple relation

Using pick up lines to attract women is passe. If you want to attract women, use some cool ways. Now, you must be in fix thinking about the ways, right? Do not worry, we will give you some sure shot ways to impress and attract women.

1. Be confident
Be confident of your looks and overall personality. Have the correct stance when you are with women. Your confidence level will surely attract women. If you are demure in front of women, no one would be interested to talk to you in the first place. With a good confidence level, it is also important to have a positive approach. Dress well and smell good. All these things will certainly attract women.

2. Talk politely
If you are rude to women, they would be least interested in you. If you talk politely to them, they would want to know more about you. Talk to women in a subtle tone, it should create an impression. There must be a mysterious streak while talking to them. This will leave them with curiosity, which will work in your favor.

3. Have a good sense of humor
Be funny if you want to instantly attract women. Again there is a difference in humor. Avoid cheesy humor just because you want to impress women, this would be a total turn off. Practice good humor, which is witty. Read good books to practice good sense of humor. The next time you are with women, bold them over with your humorous jokes.

4. Compliment them
It is important to compliment women. Do not go over the top with this behavior. Keep a lighter tone in this situation. Compliment them on their looks but maintain a safe distance. Or else, it will look like you are flirting with them.

5. Be cool
To attract women, you have to be cool in your approach. If you are a nerd, then do not expect a second look from women. Women usually get attracted to men who are open and frank. If you are an adventure freak, then this can also instantly attract women.

6. Be yourself
This is perhaps the most important quality which women look for. If you are honest and original, then most women find this quality super appealing. If you put up a fake attitude in front of women, then this would be a major turn off for them. Be as you are and see the difference. Being yourself and not faking an attitude will certainly work in your favor.

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