Saturday, October 8, 2016

6 Tips to Deal with Your Girlfriend’s Ego

6 Tips to Deal with Your Girlfriend’s Ego couple love each other man woman nature grass

You could be dealing with a drama queen girlfriend if she has an oversized ego. Inflated egos can cause a lot of harm to relationships. So if your girlfriend is causing havoc in your relationship because of her ego problems, here’s how you can deal with it.

1. Stop paying attention to her all the time
Your girlfriend’s ego may be inflating day by day because you pay too much attention to her all the time. Stop reacting every time she throws an ego tantrum or behaves in a haughty way. When she starts sensing that no around is giving her ego enough attention, she may calm down and understand that no one cares or has the time to address her ego. For example, if she insists that she did the right thing even if you know that she was wrong, just walk away when she starts defending herself and show her that you are not interested.

2. Feign interest in another woman
A good way to make your girlfriend realize that her ego is hampering your relationship is to feign interest in another woman temporarily. This may make her realize that she has been taking you for granted all this while because of her ego. If you play your cards correctly, this may also bring her to her knees to apologize to you for her egoistic behavior.

3. Point out the sacrifices and adjustment you make for her
Your girlfriend may show you her ego and trample all over you if she doesn’t know about the adjustments that you have made to keep the relationship afloat. Every time you let go of something because of her ego, point it out to her blatantly. You may feel awkward doing this but it will serve you well in the long term to deal with your girlfriend’s big ego.

4. Give her an ultimatum
Have you done everything under the sun and still can’t deal with your girlfriend’s ego problem? If this is the case then give her an ultimatum. Tell her that her ego is making you unhappy and she must select between you and her ego. If she really loves you, this ultimatum will shake her up and she will sober down to keep you in her life. If she doesn’t, then you should be happy about letting go of a person who chose her ego over you.

5. Be firm and assertive with your girlfriend all the time
If you love your girlfriend and are soft at heart, you may find it difficult to be firm and assertive with your girlfriend all the time. But this can be one in the ways in which you can deal with her ego. Even if you don’t feel like, be forthright with your girlfriend to show her that you can be dominating and tough if you want to.

6. Show her your ego in return
It is not right on your girlfriend’s part to be egoistic all the time at the cost of your relationship. If you think that you need to teach her a lesson, show her that you have an ego too. Play up your male ego and show her that you will not take her antics lying down. Put her in a situation when she becomes desperate to get in touch with you and apologize to you for her behavior.

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