Sunday, October 9, 2016

8 Tips to Deal with an Over-Possessive Girlfriend

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Possessiveness to a certain extent is a desirable quality. You feel wanted and valued in a relationship. But when it crosses a boundary, it is capable of wrecking relationship. Here are 8 tips to deal with an over possessive girlfriend.

1. Make her feel safe
You need to make her believe that you are her safe place to land. Express your emotions and love for her; there shouldn’t be any room for doubt.

2. Introduce her to your female friends
Your female friends should not emerge as a surprise. You should make it clear from the beginning that you have selected female friends and you like to hang out with them. Their calls or messages should not negatively impact her.

3. Make sure you give her concrete reasons for not being available
If you are not able to meet or call her, make sure she is aware about the reason you can’t make it. Keeping her in the dark will only feed into doubting you. She will make conscious efforts to keep a track on you.

4. Never lie or hide your whereabouts
Whether you are in a pub or at a game with friends, there is no reason for you to feel guilty. Pick up the phone and let her know that you’re out with friends and will call her back. If she ever accuses you, you can always say that you have been very honest and forthright.

5. Try to make her understand about giving you space
You need to make her understand that if you need alone time, it does not mean that your drifting away from her. It implies that you need to spend some time with yourself.

6. Don’t explode if she excuses you
If you both argue and fight, no good will come out of it. Accusations should be met with a calm attitude. Sit her down and explain to her if she is upset. Play the emotional card so that she understands how hurt you feel because she does not trust you.

7. Spend quality time with her
It’s important to take initiative to schedule dates, remember anniversaries and birthdays. Planning regular surprises will make her feel happy and secure and erase any sense of doubt.

8. Talk it out with her
If you think you cannot handle her possessiveness, talk it out with her. Let her know that if she is going to hurt you every now and then, it will make it very stifling for you to survive in the relationship in the long run.

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