Sunday, October 9, 2016

7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Nerdy Girl !!

7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Nerdy Girl nerd woman wear glasses complicated smart

A guy would always dream of a great girl who looks amazing, who is the desire of every guy and is very charming. The girls who look average, are simple and don’t really get noticed. Such girls are mostly tagged as nerds and are not what every guy wants. But you never know you may end up finding a great girl behind the virtual image of a nerd. Here are 7 great reasons to date a nerdy girl.

1. She might be a great companion
A nerdy girl might be interested in many other different things as compared to the normal girls. She could be interested in many intellectual things and it may so happen she would be really interested in your activities. To find such a girl who actually has common interests is quite rare.

2. She will be very committed to the relationship
Commitment is one thing you can expect from a nerdy girl. She knows that many guys don’t notice her. So if she dates you she would be really loyal to you. She wouldn’t cheat on you with another guy because she would want to treasure this relationship.

3. She might not fake herself
A nerdy girl would be different from the fake and pretentious girls who aren’t real. You will witness her true behavior and nature. Girls who are nerdy are rarely pretentious.

4. She will like you for who you are
A nerdy girl wouldn’t judge you on your looks, popularity, which car you own and what brands you wear. Her feelings towards you would be genuine and for what you are. Your nature and feelings would be important for her and other things won’t matter.

5. You can easily share your insecurities
You won’t have to behave like a macho man before her. You can open up to her about your childhood memories, bullying and bitter feelings that you have never shared with anyone. For all you know she has had her share too and will completely empathize with you.

6. She will be a great friend
A nerdy girl won’t jump straight into bed. You will first establish a foundation, become friends and then embark upon your beautiful relationship. She has the true makings of a soul mate.

7. She will also be domestic
A nerdy girl will look after your food habits. She will be neat, organized and make sure that you have wholesome and nutritious food. Her meticulous way of working is impressive and she can be very caring in a relationship.

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