Tuesday, October 4, 2016

8 Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

8 Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend,asian feet girl woman couple man park woods

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but when it comes to proposal, it does matter where and how you do it. Here are 8 ways to propose your girlfriend.
1. Reaching for the stars
You could take her to the museum and make arrangements for the stars and planet show just for the two of you. Lay down on the floor with a picnic basket and let the stars flash the message –Will you marry me? With a romantic track playing in the background.
2. “Propose” a toast
If your girlfriend has the taste for classy and sophisticated, take her to a fancy restaurant, get her favorite bottle of champagne. Instead of proposing a toast, just propose! Don’t forget to get a one caret diamond and sapphire ring for her.
3. Propose in a karaoke club
If she enjoys a hearty pub meal and more rustic and remote places, you could take her to a karaoke club. Sing her favorite song and at the end of the song, go down on your knees and propose to her. It will be an unexpected musical proposal.
4. Propose on her birthday
Sometimes proposing on a special event makes it all the more memorable and unexpected. You could throw her a party and have the ring hidden in the icing rose petals on the cake. You could either propose in a private birthday celebration or have her close friends over.

5. Propose her at her favorite holiday destination
Take her to her favorite holiday destination, perhaps a bed and breakfast and make her a nice breakfast spread with a sparkling diamond ring on the platter. It will be a beautiful surprise.
6. “Will you marry me?” through the aquarium
You could take her to an aquarium and ask the diving boy to take a “Will you marry me sign?” and flash it from under water.
7. Propose in a basketball game
Although this is quite predictable and perhaps tons of people do it, it’s an interesting way to propose in public by asking the question. The cameras on you and the proposal is screened for the entire stadium to watch.
8. Ask her to marry you through a digital hoarding
For this, you might have to pull a few strings and invest a lot of money. But if you have it, why not make it special. Take her into a place like Madison square and let your question flash in neon lights on the hoarding. You can also kiss under the sign.

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