Tuesday, October 4, 2016

8 Tips for Choosing a Tuxedo for Your Wedding

8 Tips for Choosing a Tuxedo for Your Wedding,بدلة فرح حلة زى رسمى

Your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life. Every man wants to look his best on this D-day. We are here to help you and make the process of choosing the right tux a little bit easier.
1. The theme
If you are having a theme wedding then it is extremely important to dress the part. The theme of a wedding could range from retro to Hollywood. This will greatly dictate what style of tuxedo you should opt for.
2. The season
For a summer or spring wedding, you should opt for a light-weight tux that helps you keep cool. If heavy fabrics and long coats are more your style then you should go for a winter or fall wedding. In short, the season plays a big part in deciding what kind of tux will look good.
3. The time
Needless to say, your choice of tux will depend on what time of the day you are getting married. If it is a daytime wedding, do not go for an extremely formal tuxedo. Keep it relaxed and simple. You could opt for a tux with a single-breasted blazer. In case of a formal evening wedding, keep it elegant. You can go for a double-breasted dinner coat or a tux with tails.
4. The mood
Make sure your choice of tuxedo matches the mood of the ceremony. In case your wedding is in the form of a romantic evening dinner, go for something formal. On the other hand, for a garden wedding, choose a tux with a white dinner jacket and black pants.

5. The color
Though black is a classic tuxedo color, you can always leave room for some experimentation. Keep in mind what the bride is wearing. You can go for a navy blue or grey tux during an evening wedding. A summer wedding can be a great time to wear a tan or white tuxedo.
6. The bling
A little bling never hurt anyone. When it comes to cuff links and studs, you can choose from lovely inlays to simple gold knots.
7. The fit
Most importantly, make sure the tuxedo is the perfect fit. Do not shy away from getting professional help. Remember that an ill-fitting tux can ruin the whole look, irrespective of how much you have spent on it.
8. It’s YOUR wedding
While deciding on the right tuxedo, do not forget that you are the one who is going to be wearing it. Make sure you feel comfortable in the attire and go with your instincts.

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