Monday, October 3, 2016

15 Best Male Bonding Activities

15 Best Male Bonding Activities playing volly ball sport team  men

Friendship within a group of boys is considered to be the strongest, and the wildest! Ever noticed how your girlfriends or wives always refrain themselves from hanging out with you and your male friends? That’s only because they know that when men get together, they talk in a very different manner, and say things that females can find hard to digest. After all, men will remain men!

If you’ve recently found a new group of male friends, here are some interesting male bonding activities that you all can enjoy together.
1. Bike rides
All men like the thrill of bikes. So go for bike rides together, and explore unseen corners of your city. You can even go for weekend bike trips to mountains or other offbeat destinations, and enjoy a great holiday.
2. Drinking
Not that you should be doing it a lot, because eventually it’s harmful for your body and health. However, catching up with your friends once in a while for drinking can be a lot of fun. Just like girls, guys too have their own gossip to share, and they find fun in sharing it over a few drinks.
3. Playing sportsIf you guys have a particular sport that interests everyone in the group, then fix up a day when you can play it and have friendly matches between yourselves. It could be football, cricket, baseball or anything else that interests you.
4. Adventure trip
Go for a camping trip together, and enjoy adventure activities alongside, such as paragliding, river rafting, underwater driving etc. That’s a great way to get to know of each other’s skills, and maybe each other’s fears too!
5. Watching fashion channels
This is something that all guys like to do. Most men watch fashion channels together and play the game of rating models on a scale of 1 to 10. You too can enjoy playing this game, and have some fun discussing women and their assets. That’s a talk that all guys are always ready for!
6. Shopping for gadgets
Women are sometimes not as tech savvy as men are. So take your friends along to a gadget showroom, and test and purchase any new gadgets that you make like. It could range from gaming devices to phones, to anything else that fancies you.
7. Watching action flicks
Men love the speed and the thrill of action movies. Have a movie marathon of your favorite action flicks, and watch them together. Of course, most action films also have a hot female character, which is your added bonus!
8. Eating good food
Go and check out the new restaurant in town that you’ve been reading about or hearing about a lot. Men always love food, and conversations over food and drinks can be great.

9. Play video games
If you have a gaming console at home, then invite your friends over for some fun gaming challenges. Pick up games that suit everyone’s tastes, and try and beat each other’s high score.
10. Repair what’s broken
Have a broken car or computer? Call your male friends over and maybe you can fix it together. Or help out your friends when some of their gadgets are broken. Men like fixing things, and doing it together is even more interesting.
11. Go for a hair cut together
Go to a barber’s shop and catch up with friends, as you get a new haircut. Moreover, you can experiment with new looks based on what your friends suggest. Or if someone in your gang is trying to impress a girl lately, take that friend of yours for a haircut, and get him something nice so he can look smarter and more attractive.
12. Work out togetherGo to the gym together and work out like real men! Compete on crunches and cycling time, and that way your gym visits will become less boring with the company of your friends.
13. Go to a night club
What better than going to the night club and checking out girls? Be each other’s wingmen and try to get each other dates. If the nightclub doesn’t suit you, go to a strip club!
14. Barbeque party
Arrange for a cool poolside party where all you guys can swim, and cook some awesome barbeque food. Catch up on Saturday nights and play a few card games as well if you like.
15. Go for a holiday together
Like a Bachelor Party, gather all your male friends and go for a holiday abroad, to exciting destinations like Bangkok or Amsterdam, where you can spend some time in strip clubs, casinos etc. and can also get to do some sightseeing.

So the next time you’re all trying to make an exciting plan, keep these ideas in mind, and have some fun.

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