Tuesday, October 4, 2016

6 Signs You are a Picky Dater

6 Signs You are a Picky Dater ,man woman love romance couple dating

It is good to set some kind of standard for the people you date, but you could be left single for a long time if you become too choosy. Are you going on this path? Listed below are some signs that you may be a picky dater.

1. Looks are everything for you
What are some of the things that you look for in a date? If her looks are the only thing you base your decision to go out with her or not, you are a picky dater. A woman’s personality, her past relationships and some sort of mutual connection should also exist for you to go out on a date with her. If you judge every potential date by only her looks, you are being too shallow and superficial.

2. You look for too many requirements in a potential date
Do you look for too many requirements in a potential date, as if you were looking for requirements in a bride? All the people that you date don’t necessarily have to tick all the boxes. Leave that for the time when you are looking for a person who you can settle down in life with. You will never find out in the first place whether your potential date really ticks your requirements or not, until you actually start dating her.

3. You only want to date a woman who has your type of personality
You could be a very picky dater if you are bent upon dating a woman who has a personality, interests and choices that are just like you. It is unnatural for you to expect your date to have the same likes, dislikes, hobbies and personality type as yours. You might as well as start hoping that scientists make a clone of you some day.

4. You have stopped dating women due to petty issues
What were the reasons you stopped dating women who you saw in the past? Did you have any logic behind your decision to call off the dating or was it just some baseless whim or fancy? If you stopped dating women just because you didn’t feel like it or because she did not behave in the exact way you expected her to behave, you definitely come across as a picky dater.

5. You get upset with your dates very easily
Would you lose your cool if your date was late by ten minutes? Would you have an anger outburst if a woman cancelled your date even though it was because of some emergency in the family? You could be a picky dater if you get upset with people very easily. If you want to enjoy dating like a normal guy, you must learn to be more tolerant of the people and the situation around you. Don’t expect everything to be perfect.

6. You think you are the most handsome guy in town
Do you think that you are the most handsome guy in your city? Do you constantly keep looking at the mirror while appreciating your handsomeness? Too much of self-pride is definitely a sign that you are picky at dating. This could be driving you to believe that you are so handsome, that it would take a woman to look like Miss World for you to go out on a date with her.

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