Thursday, October 13, 2016

7 Tips on How to Deal With a Jealous Girlfriend !

7 Tips on How to Deal With a Jealous Girlfriend,sad lonely girl woman crying abandoned

Girlfriend and jealousy often go hand in hand. But what happens if your girlfriend is always bitten by the jealousy bug, so much that it has made your life a living nightmare. Read on to make life easier for you. Here’s how you can deal with a jealous girlfriend.

1. Understand the source of jealousy
Sometimes it may be that you are paying too much attention to your best friend who happens to be a girl or to some female colleague. You may be doing it innocently but your girlfriend must be going crazy thinking about your ‘closeness’ with those female friends. So to combat the problem, you need to understand the source first.

2. Involve your girlfriend
If your work or personal life involves many other girls besides your girlfriend, then the best thing is to involve your girlfriend. Have parties together. Invite her so that she too can interact with your female friends. This will help eliminate the suspicion. Moreover when you go out as a couple, you declare your commitment to your girlfriend. This soothes her insecurity and leaves no scope for jealousy.

3. Love her deeply
Love her so much that she feels fully secure. Insecurity gives birth to jealousy. The moment you make her feel emotionally secure and stable, things will improve.

4. Never compare her with other women in your life
Don’t tell her that you want her to be like your sister/friend/mother and the likes. Never ever compare her with other women in your life. Your innocent suggestion may drive her crazy because she might think that you don’t like her the way she is. This will make her go mad with jealousy and rage.

5. Don’t insult or ridicule her in public
Even a seemingly harmless joke which tilts a little towards an insult or ridicule may trigger jealousy waves in your relationship. Never ever insult or ridicule her in public. Don’t correct her in front of others. All this will lead to further insecurity and consequently to jealousy.

6. Be honest
Sooner or later a lie will catch up with you. An innocent lie or harmless fib, if caught, can sow the seeds of suspicion and jealousy. So be honest with your beloved and enjoy a calm and peaceful love life.

7. Be her best friend
Talk to her about your personal as well as professional life. She’ll feel closer to you when you open up with her. Become her best friend so that there’s no scope of jealousy creeping into your life.

Love and respect her. Make her feel secure and loved. This is the best way to combat the venom of jealousy.

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