Thursday, October 13, 2016

7 Signs She’s Not Ready to Commit

7 Signs She’s Not Ready to Commit ,lonely girl woods forest black and white sad scared frightnend

1. She does not talk about the future
Most of the women do think about their futures with their partners. But in case when the woman doesn’t talk about the future of the relationship or doesn’t really include you in the plans about her future would mean that she isn’t really considering a serious commitment with you.

2. She is not very sure about you

If she isn’t really sure about the relationship or about what she really wants, it means she is not ready to commit. The state of confusion isn’t letting her decide what to do and it shows that you shouldn’t expect it to go anywhere.

3. She introduces you as a friend
If the girl introduces you as her friend and not her boyfriend to friends, colleagues and family, it clearly means she isn’t open to talk about the relationship. She does not want her girl friends to get too excited and draw up her future plans.

4. She refuses to move in with you
You think in your head that things are going really well and now you can’t stay apart. So in order to take the relationship to the next level, you decide to ask her to move in with you. She is going to completely flip ask you to dial down the pressure.

5. She is just looking for a meaningless fling
The fact that she has not clearly defined your relationship with her, indicates that she finds it very difficult to commit. She is only looking at having a good time, flirting and dating to see where it is going.

6. She does not share her feelings with you
It may so happen that she doesn’t really consider you close enough to share all her feelings, problems and secrets even if you share everything with her. May be she doesn’t really feel comfortable. She may not want you to give the wrong impression.

7. She is more focused on her friends, work and family
You may not be her priority. Perhaps she finds time for everything but doesn’t take efforts towards the relationship. She only calls you when she is free and there is nothing much to do. It shows that she is probably not ready for a commitment.

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