Thursday, October 13, 2016

6 Tips to Keep Your Girlfriend Interested in You Forever

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Getting a girl’s attention and attracting her towards you is a task. However, more than that it is important to keep her interested in you. After the initial few phases, it may happen that the girl might get bored and start losing interest. Here are 6 tips to keep your girlfriend interested in you forever.

1. Keep the surprise element alive
Don’t lose the surprise element in your relationship; keep giving your girlfriend small or big, random and unexpected surprises. She would always be thrilled and excited about these things. Moreover, it is a great way to show your love and care.

2. Take serious interest in her life
Your girlfriend would really appreciate if you take interest in her activities and the things that she likes. This way you can get to know a lot more about her and spend more quality time with her. It would help in keeping her interested because it will show that you always pay attention.

3. Give her special importance
Always show your girlfriend that she is important. It is necessary to express what you think and feel about her. If she knows that you value her and she is important to you, she wouldn’t ever lose interest in you.

4. Make sure you express your love
Never fail to show your girlfriend that you love her; express it in different ways. She would always be reminded that you still love and care for her. Reassurance plays an important role and helps keep the spark alive in the relationship.

5. Don’t be too dominating
Being supportive and offering unsolicited advice for her betterment is only so far that you should go. Remember that girls do not like men who are controlling and dominating. Show her that there is no one who calls the shots in the relationship; it is that of equals.

6. Don’t be very possessive and insecure
Just because she is hanging out with male colleagues at a bar or she has guy friends, it does not mean that she is loose. You need to trust her and be comfortable with it. Girls do not like men who are judgmental in that sense. Being possessive, insecure and controlling will only drive her away.

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