Thursday, October 13, 2016

6 Ways to Make Up with Your Girlfriend After a Fight

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Does one fight with your girlfriend always lead to another? Do arguments spin out of control in your relationship? Here is how you can cut your battles short and make up with your girlfriend without creating a mess.

1. Apologize with a nice little gift
A great way of letting your girlfriend know that you regret having a fight with her is to apologize for your behavior and give her a little gift. This gift doesn’t need to be expensive or huge. It can be a small bottle of perfume or a small box of chocolates. A gift will let her know that you are really serious about pacifying her and spending some quality time with her after a fight.

2. Don’t always wait for her to start a conversation after a fight
Do you always wait for your girlfriend to take the first step and start a conversation with you after a fight? If you are doing this, you could be making her feel bad for always having to take the initiative. After you have a fight, walk up to your girlfriend and start a random conversation in a non-confrontational tone. Don’t expect her to melt immediately and work your way towards making her smile. She will like the fact that you were the bigger person and initiated a conversation after a fight.

3. Just say that you are sorry
Sometimes a genuine and honest apology is all that is needed to calm things down between a boyfriend and his girlfriend after a fight. You may be surprised to find out that the same tactic could work in your relationship too. Emotions and tempers generally run high after a fight and sometimes a pure apology can work wonders. Just apologize and say you are sorry without giving excuses or adding a taunt to your apology.

4. Go for a drive together
You can make up with your girlfriend after a fight by going out for a drive. Don’t say anything, just ask her to come for a drive with you. You both don’t necessarily need to talk or discuss your fight while you are in the car. Just listen to some nice music and enjoy the drive. It will be a good change and the fresh air can put you both in a mood for sweet reconciliation.

5. Don’t rub it in if she apologizes
If your girlfriend decides to apologize because she realized that the fight was her fault, don’t rub it in. Don’t be righteous and tell her what she should have done differently or how she could have avoided the fight. Just accept the apology and take her into your arms. If you have any suggestions for her behavior in the future, tell them to her on another day when you both are in a good mood.

6. Distance yourself from her if the fight gets out of control
If you think that there seems to be no end to a fight between you and your girlfriend, just leave that spot so that you don’t do or say anything that you regret later. Tell her that you are excusing yourself from the spot because you don’t want to fight with her any more. Spending a couple of hours apart is likely to leave you both humbled and calm. Go back to her again and just give her a hug without saying anything. She will probably hug you back and you will instantly make up with your girlfriend after your fight.

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