Thursday, October 13, 2016

6 Tips to Save Your Relationship from Jealousy

6 Tips to Save Your Relationship from Jealousy sunset lovers man woman talking chatting

Is jealousy eating away your relationship? Are you losing your peace of mind because of a jealous girlfriend? Jealousy can destroy a relationship if it is not controlled in time. Read these tips to find out how to save your relationship from jealousy.

1. Inform your girlfriend about your whereabouts
Your girlfriend could be insecure about your relationship because she doesn’t know enough about your whereabouts. If she gets a sense of you being at a different place every time she calls you, she may start getting jealous by imagining things that she may not need to. Keep your girlfriend informed about where you are going to be at different times during the day so that she knows you are not up to something fishy.

2. Use words of assurance with your girlfriend
Never take your girlfriend for granted when it comes to jealousy. The power of words can work strongly in keeping your girlfriend’s jealous pangs at bay. Talk to her and pacify her by expressing how much you love her. Use romantic lines to let her know that you would never think about anyone else but her. This may help in rescuing your relationship from jealousy.

3. Introduce your girlfriend to all your workmates and friends
Jealousy often stems from the unknown. If your girlfriend knows all the people you work or study with, she is likely to be at ease about the people with whom you spend a lot of time. Make it a point to introduce her to all your friends or colleagues, especially the ladies. This way she will realize that you give her no reason to be jealous.

4. Find out the real reason behind your girlfriend’s jealousy
If you want to save your relationship from your girlfriend’s jealousy, you must dig deep and find out the reason for her jealousy. Your girlfriend may be jealous because she is a victim of low self confidence or she could be using jealousy as a shield to hide something else or it may just be her way of demanding attention from you. If you identify the real problem, you will find it easier to address your girlfriend’s jealousy.

5. Reflect on your own behavior
If you are getting sick and tired of your girlfriend being jealous all the time, take a look at your behavior before blaming her entirely. How appropriately do you behave? Have you ever unknowingly behaved in a way that you may be leading someone on? Is your way of talking to woman unintentionally flirtatious? You may find an answer with some introspection and save your relationship from the clutches of jealousy.

6. Spend more time with your jealous girlfriend
Your girlfriend could be jealous of you simply because you aren’t spending enough time with her. You may be unavailable for genuine reasons, but your girlfriend may interpret that as your lack of interest in her. She may link it up and think that you are probably interested in someone else. Sometimes, jealousy can stem from the most inane things and a simple solution like spending more time with your girlfriend could help you save your relationship.

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