Saturday, October 15, 2016

6 Signs She’s Serious about You !!

6 Signs She’s Serious about You,woman loves atracted to man guy girl admire affection passion

The ways in which all girls express their feelings are different, in some cases it becomes quite easy to know if your girlfriend is serious about you and sometimes it is next to impossible to figure out. But to have a clear idea here are 6 signs that show she is serious about you.

1. She talks about a future with you
When a girl plans about the future with the two of you together and discusses it with you, it shows that she knows that this is what she wants. She wants to make this relationship work. A girl won’t give false hopes or make up such imaginary stories if she doesn’t mean it.

2. Introduces you to her family members
If a girl is ready to introduce you to her family and also wants to get introduced to yours, it means that she is ready and serious. Introduction to family members shows that she has decided what she wants.

3. Understands your work and career
A girl who is serious about you would try to understand your work and your line of career and would try never to be a hindrance because she would want you to grow and prosper in life.

4. Your opinion matters to her
When your opinion and choices matter to her and she always takes your advice and consent in the decisions of her life. It means that you are an important part of her life. She visualizes you as someone who is integral to important decisions of life.

5. She doesn’t push and pressurize you

A girl who is serious about you wouldn’t make you do things you aren’t ready for. If she is serious and you are important to her she will take care of your comfort and choices and wouldn’t enforce her decisions upon you. She might even bring you soup when you’re not well.

6. She doesn’t hide things from you
If your girl tells you everything, unveils every secret and hesitates to lie to you, then she is very serious about you and doesn’t want you to not know anything that is related to her.

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