Saturday, October 15, 2016

5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Online Dating !!

key board man typing letters buttons, Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Online Dating !!

f you are trying your hand at online dating and you are not able to succeed then there might be some mistakes that you need to analyze and rectify. Online dating can be fun and easy provided you don’t make the mistakes that men make. Here is a list of 5 mistakes that men commit during online dating.

1. Bragging and being dishonest
If you are really interested in online dating, then the most important thing is to be honest. Men act like douche bag during online conversations. They act boastful, macho and exaggerate about their material possessions. If you over do it, it can cast a very bad impression. Humility and honesty are sought after traits and if you fail to carry them, disappointment is what you shall receive.

2. Acting too pushy
Men make this common mistake of being too pushy and taking things too fast. Girls would want to know you better and take this ahead slowly. If you won’t stop being pushy, the girl would lose interest and would show you a red signal since she isn’t able to handle the pressure. You need to realize that coming on too fast will only make you look very creepy.

3. Compelling her to share too many personal details

As a guy if you chose to share your personal details in the initial stage, it’s your choice. The girl won’t stop you, but that doesn’t mean that you expect her to share all her personal details. Do not put the girl in an uncomfortable situation, let her take her time to open up and whenever she is ready, she will tell you. Compelling her to share more than what she is willing to, will only push her away from you.

4. Acting too aloof
If during a conversation you respond in a manner that you sound disinterested and are not paying attention, the girl will easily understand. She wouldn’t be interested in sharing anything ahead. Being a little aloof is fine but do not do it in a way that seems way too obvious. You need to pay attention and show that you are taking interest in knowing her.

5. Pretending to share similar interests
It is not necessary that your likes and dislikes match with the girl’s choices. It does not mean that you need to fake and pretend that you really like the same things that she does. She would appreciate it if you talk about your own choices and involve her in your interests.

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