Saturday, October 15, 2016

5 Ways to Make Her Approach You !!

5 Ways to Make Her Approach You,man woman love romance white and black couple dating

It’s not wrong that men have now started thinking that why do they have to make the first move always. It’s not fair that always men are the ones who need to take all the efforts and approach a woman. For a change, even girls should take efforts and make the first move. Here are 6 ways using which you can get a girl to approach you.

1. Seduce her without approaching her
Don’t make the first move, but attract her so much so that she has to make the first move. Be irresistible, give her hints, but don’t make the move. She will take the hint and if she is interested she will approach you. You could try a great shirt or nice cologne. You could also look at her seductively without saying anything to drive her crazy.

2. Take it slow
Sometimes when men say, ‘I want to take things slow and enjoy the conversation’, it takes the women by surprise. She would be expecting you to make the move, but if you take things slow and seem in no rush, she will approach you and might even invite you home.

3. Play hard to get
Play hard to get, don’t throw yourself at the girl. Show your interest, develop her interest and wait. Even if she is approaching you in her way don’t be too flattered, surprised or excited. Act very normal. The curiosity of why she can’t lure you will drag her more closer to you.

4. Act mysterious
While having a conversation with a girl try to create mystery about you that would increase your charm. Make her curious, and let her keep guessing. She would want to know more and that would cause her to make the first move.

5. Look your best
Pay a lot of attention to the way you dress up, check your hair, shoes and accessories etc. When you are look perfect, your confidence and charm increases. Your personality would attract women and they would definitely approach you.

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