Sunday, October 16, 2016

5 Worst Places to Flirt with Girls !!

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Flirting is surely fun, but you should avoid doing it at wrong places. Flirting should be done at a correct place and at correct time. Flirting at wrong places can leave you feeling embarrassed. Here is a list of worst places to flirt with girls you must avoid.

1. On a job interview
If you flirt with a girl on a job interview, it only shows your desperation. Yes, you heard it right. She is stressed because of the situation, so flirting with her in this situation would be ridiculous. Do not flirt with any girl when on a job interview.

2. In a hospital
This sounds so freaking cheap! If a girl is anxiously waiting for her blood report, and you flirt with her, what do you expect? Understand the gravity of the situation. Hospital is not the place to flirt with girls.

3. At a funeral
How can anyone flirt with a girl at a funeral? This is downright cheap and disgusting. Do not ever think that you can get away on this thought. If you attempt to flirt with a girl at a funeral, it is possible she won’t see your face ever again.

4. While driving
If while driving you try to flirt with a girl, then it will make you look like a pervert. Randomly hitting on someone is disgusting and cheap. Do not ever attempt to flirt with a girl on a road or while driving.

5. On a date
If you are out on a date with your girl, and you flirt with someone else, evaluate the situation. How will your girl feel of your behavior? She would definitely feel bad about the whole situation. Do not ever try to flirt with someone, if you are already out with your girl.

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