Sunday, October 16, 2016

6 Great Ideas for a Cozy Date at Home

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Expensive outdoor dates are fun, but there is nothing better than spending cozy, intimate moments with your girlfriend at home. Enumerated below are great ideas to help you get through your intention of a cozy date at home.

1. Movie Marathon
Watching movies is the best way to pass several hours together without having to think what to do next. Ask your date what movie genre she enjoys the most, and fetch all the best movies falling under that genre, even the ones that interest her. Watch them one after the other cozying together on a couch, accompanied by popcorn and the best wine possible. You never know what scene of the movie might get the two of you closer.

2. Candlelit dinner
Candlelit dinners are very cliche, but they never go wrong. Woo your girlfriend by setting the most romantic ambiance for a candlelit dinner. You can take aid of music to lure her. Decorate the room with scented candles. Set the dinner on a table and complement it with wine or champagne. To add a more personal touch, you could even cook the dinner all by yourself, rather than buying it from a restaurant. Your girlfriend is sure to be impressed by your efforts.

3. Play board games
Do you remember Scrabble, Twister or Monopoly? Yes, you played these games with your friends, but try playing them with your date when spending time together at home. Bring variation to the game rules, by customizing them in your own sensuous ways. Since, it will only be the two of you at home, you can get as wild as you both permit.

4. Create Playlists
Can you recollect the times in high school when you made playlists for your then girlfriends? It was fun, isn’t it? You can still conjure those high school memories. Call your girlfriend at your home with her iPod/mp3 player, and arrange for some appetizers and drinks. If you both are music lovers and share common music band addiction, it is going to be the best date you both ever had. Even if your music liking don’t match, you both can still make each other feel special by appreciating each other’s choice. Listen to songs together, dance if needed, and the rest will just follow.

5. Cook together
Cook a five course meal or a 3 course meal, the idea is to experiment with cooking abilities of the two of you as a couple. Cooking together on a date can not only be adventurous, but also intimate. Get to know each other and share your choices, feed each other and let the love between you and your date come into existence.

6. Make cocktails
If your girlfriend is a cocktail lover, this idea is best suited for you to follow. Put your bartending skills at best, and win her over by your charm and tactics of making the best cocktails. If you are unaware about bartending, you could first train yourself and then try to put your skills at action. But if you already are experienced at bartending, this would be a cake walk for you. Gather all your bartending equipment, choice of alcohol (vodka, gin or tequila), mixers, fruits and juices. Call her over at your place, and try all sorts of cocktails you could ever come up with. Experimenting with cocktails will bring the two of you closer in less time than you might have expected.

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