Sunday, October 16, 2016

6 Best Places to Flirt with Girls !!

6 Best Places to Flirt with Girls,friends party classmates friendship boys and girls men women

A little bit of flirting will do no harm! If this is your thought, then you must know about some best places where you can put your flirting skills in action. There are many places where you can flirt and have some fun with girls. So without further adieu, know about those places.

1. At a party
A perfect party scene can help you to flirt. It is easy to approach a girl and start flirting. Flirting is generally acceptable at a party. A casual ‘hi’ can do the trick for you. Spot a girl you like and approach her in a friendly way.

2. At a gym
How about exercising along with flirting? The gym is a good place to flirt with girls. You have many things to share with her to start a conversation. Talk about fitness and then jump on to other topics. Flirt in a casual way with her, she will definitely respond.

3. At a book store
Common topics can do the trick for you. Your love for books can help you to flirt with any girl at a library or a book store. The best way to strike a conversation is through the topic of books. If she responds, it is good for you. If she does not, then do not give up.

4. At workplace
Flirting at workplace should be done with a cautious approach. If you like your co-worker, then compliment her. She might respond and talk to you. You also have a common topic of work to discuss. Do not physically flirt with your co-worker though; this can create problems for you.

5. At bars and pubs
Around seventy percent of men flirt at bars and pubs. Go and talk to the girl you like. Flirting in bars is easy, as you make direct eye contact first. Then go to her and start the conversation with a by saying hi. Casual flirting in bars and pubs is acceptable.

6. At Hobby classes
Flirting and dancing together would be super fun. If you like someone at your dance class, then strike a conversation with her. Flirt with her in a friendly way. If she is mildly attracted to you, then she will definitely respond. Choose her as your dancing partner to have some fun.

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