Monday, October 17, 2016

6 Types of Women you Should Avoid Dating !

woman wear coat heavy train station travelling , Types of Women you Should Avoid Dating !

Just like there are certain types of men that women avoid dating, there are certain types of women that men also should avoid dating. Find out who they are and why you should avoid dating these types of women.

1. Women who never let you talk
Women who never let you talk will keep talking continuously throughout the date. She will not let you speak at all because she will think that her conversations are far more interesting than anything you have to say. You should avoid dating such women because all your conversations will be one-sided and your dates will become very boring for you. All you will be doing the entire time is listening to her and nodding after she finishes speaking one sentence after another.

2. Women who always want to go to expensive places
Unless you are a millionaire who can afford going to expensive restaurants all the time, you should avoid dating women who expect to be taken to expensive places. For a woman like this, the number of times you are together or the amount of time you spend together does not matter. What matters for her, is how expensive or how lavish is the place that you take her to. She will expect to be taken to the most exquisite of places each and every time you go on a date.

3. Women who become desperate

Has a woman constantly been texting you, emailing you, calling you and posting on your Facebook after your first date? If she has, she may be the type of woman who becomes desperate for you. You should avoid dating her because she will get more desperate as time goes by, and you may find yourself struggling to keep up with her desperation. This can lead to frustration and a lot of arguments between you and her.

4. Women who constantly tell you what to wear
Women often like to play fashion designers to their boyfriends, but if a woman keeps telling you what to wear from the very first few dates, you should avoid going on more dates with her. If she dictates what you wear since the very beginning, imagine how demanding she can be when she becomes familiar with you. Whether or not you have a good fashion sense, if a woman constantly makes demands and tries to control your wardrobe, she could just be too controlling.

5. Women who want to do nothing but party
You should avoid dating women who want to do nothing but party and not spend any time with you on a personal level. Don’t think that there is anything wrong with partying, but the two of you should also spend some time at a place where you can have cute conversations and get to know each other better. If she does not understand this and all she wants to do is to go to the club and party till dawn, it should be a hint for you to stop dating her.

6. Women who are still hurting over their ex
A woman who is still feeling sad over her previous relationship may want to get back into the dating scene to move on. If this is the case with the girl you are dating right now, you may be in for a lot of emotional drama from her side. You may also have to play the role of an emotional counselor and help her get over the heartbreak from her previous relationship. Unless you want to ruin your dates and deal with a woman’s emotional ups and downs from the very first date, you should avoid going out on a date with her.

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