Monday, October 17, 2016

5 Disadvantages of Dating a Divorced Girl !

5 Disadvantages of Dating a Divorced Girl, man woman couple shadow shade holding hands marriage

Dating a divorced woman can be full of challenges. You need to think about the pros and cons and then decide if this is really what you want. Are you prepared for it? Here is a list of 5 disadvantages of dating a divorced woman.

1. She could be emotionally disturbed
A woman who has gone through the rough phase of a divorce is probably emotionally disturbed and depressed. If you are planning to date a divorced woman you will have to have the patience to accept that. You will have to put in extra efforts to help her through her problems.

2. She might find it difficult to trust someone again
A woman who has ended her marriage would definitely have trust issues in her new relationship. It would be difficult for her to give the same kind of importance and dedication very easily to someone else. So you will have to face that challenge of gaining her trust.

3. Involvement of children
If you are going to date a divorced woman who also has the responsibility of her children then your relationship would be very different from that of a regular one. You will have to accept the woman with her children and also the other responsibilities. You need to be prepared if she is caught up with their studies or spending time with them.

4. She might be still handling legal matters

A woman who is divorced or who is going through one, may be involved in legal matters and will have to give her time and attention to it. You should be prepared to take this extra responsibility and not get worked up when she has her hearings or needs to meet her lawyer.

5. She may have higher expectations
A divorced woman would come with a lot of past baggage, coupled with emotional problems and a failed marriage. In her new partner she would look for more care and support. Since she has been through a very strong commitment of marriage she would expect maturity and seriousness from your end. This could add to the pressure of making things work.

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