Monday, October 17, 2016

5 Signs your Girlfriend has a Personality Disorder !

embarrassed Signs your Girlfriend has a Personality Disorder,shy girl woman hide her face

Dating women with personality disorders can be very challenging. It can lead you to make significant changes in your life style, the manner in which you conduct yourself and may demand patience to be with someone who expects huge sacrifices at your end. Here are 5 different signs which indicate that your girlfriend might have personality disorder.

1. She is an avoidant woman
Women with avoidant personalities experience low self esteem; they seem to think that people are always scheming against them, making opinions and forming negative judgments. So if you don’t call her a couple of times, postpone your date even for a genuine reason, it can become an issue for a conflict.

2. She is a narcissistic women
Narcissistic women on the contrary are filled with deep-seated self importance, obnoxiousness and high self esteem. Their constant need to be fed with praises must be satisfied; they like being pampered and praised and cannot stop boasting till you are saturated with disgust. During your dates, there will be endless bragging and the relationship would only revolve around her.

3. She is a fearful women
Such women are dependent, nervous, and anxious and always apprehend the worst. They cling onto you like glue and it can get very be difficult to calm them down. In a panic situation, they can only make matters worse. However, if you are a chauvinistic man of pride then it will give you a winning dominance in your relationship.

4. She is a woman with obsessive compulsive disorder
Such women are neat-freak, and want everything in its own place. If you are Chandler only then you can handle a Monica! You need to be comfortable with her taking charge of things. Don’t even attempt to impress her by cleaning the house or reorganizing her wardrobe or arrange her fridge magnets.

5. She is an anti-social woman
If you are a fun, party, social animal then there is no good news for you. She will constantly complain about you hanging out with friends. It’s quite likely that you will have to sacrifice in terms of friendship, spending time in pubs and coffee houses. She won’t be comfortable hanging out with you in a group and will prefer to spend her time alone with you.

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