Monday, October 17, 2016

6 Tips to Deal with a Bossy Girlfriend !

Deal with a Bossy Girlfriend,dominating woman girl pull grab man tie in the street

There is a difference between being dominating and being bossy. Is your girlfriend too bossy by nature? Does she tell you the difference between good and bad? You are mature enough to take your own decisions in life. Listed below are some tips to deal with a bossy girlfriend.

1. Ignore her
Ignorance is still the best way to make her realize your importance. Ignore your girlfriend to make her realize your worth. Do not meet her or talk to her. Do not be rude, just indirectly avoid or ignore her. This will definitely change the way she perceives things.

2. Tap the jealousy button
Yes! This actually works in this situation. Make her feel jealous by spending some time with your other friends. Or spend time with other girls to make her realize her attitude. Once she is jealous, she will realize that she was being too bossy and dominating. She might even apologize.

3. Confront her
Nothing works best then a direct confrontation. Tell her that she is being too bossy with you. Tell her that you do not feel comfortable with this attitude of hers. She will realize her mistake and change herself. Tell her that equality and mutual respect can only make your relationship strong. She will definitely understand your feelings.

4. Be outspoken
If she is being bossy, then you can be rude. This actually works in your favor. If the next time she tries to dominate you, simply make a sharp comment. Do this in front of friends and family and she will realize how you have felt every time she did the same thing.

5. Run to her best friend
If none of the above things work, then talk to her best friend. Tell her that you are in a bad situation, and cannot deal with her. Her best friend might realize that things need a change and will convey the message to her in a polite fashion.

6. Take a break
Tell your girlfriend that you need a break from this relationship. Tell her that she is being too bossy, and things are not going fine. Taking a break for about two three months should be enough for her to understand. After three months, she might be a changed person. It is important to make her realize at the right time.

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