Tuesday, October 18, 2016

6 Top Signs your Girlfriend is High Maintenance

6 Top Signs your Girlfriend is High Maintenance woman girl shopping clothes dresses امرأ

When a guy has a girlfriend he tries to do many things to make her happy, things that she likes and she wants. There are chances that your girlfriend has expensive taste; the things that make her happy may be heavy on your pockets. Here are top 6 signs that your girlfriend is high maintenance.

1. She wants to go on expensive dates
Whenever you and your girlfriend plan to go on a date and she always chooses a lavish and expensive place it shows that she likes going to such places and her taste is expensive. Since you are on a date you would obviously not want her to share or pay the bill.

2. She expects gifts
If your girlfriend expects you to give her gifts for all the small or big occasions and sometimes just to make her happy it clearly shows that she is high maintenance and in order to please her you have to empty your pockets.

3. She wants grand celebrations
If your girlfriend always expects small celebrations or events like anniversaries and birthdays to be very grand it means these things make her happy and her level of expectation is high. In other words, she is high maintenance.

4. She is very particular about being exquisite
If your girlfriend is particular about brands, lifestyle and her idea of having fun then it clearly shows that to keep her happy it requires lot of efforts and money. You know your girlfriend is high maintenance when her taste and choice is exorbitant.

5. She leads an exorbitant life
If your girlfriend belongs to a very rich family and is use to living a very lavish lifestyle then it is obvious she isn’t used to mediocre things. As a boyfriend you will have to maintain the standards that she lives by.

6. She always seems unsatisfied
If you notice that your girlfriend is not happy with the way you express your love and your gestures, it may mean that somewhere material things are very important to her and even that is equally important to make her happy.

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