Friday, October 7, 2016

7 Gift Ideas for a Non-Girly Girlfriend !

 Gift Ideas for a Non-Girly Girlfriend !  , present pen

Having a simple and no fuss girlfriend is a boon very few men have the privilege of enjoying. While most women are girly and high maintenance, whom men have to keep appeased with various girly gifts, there are also some simple women who are not into the frills and fancy trimmings of life. As a boyfriend, it is an easy job to handle such a girlfriend as you won’t have to go through the mind boggling arrays of shops to decide what to get her. Here are a list of items you can easily get her.

1. A gadget
Teddy bears, flowers and jewels are too mushy and girly for a simple girl like your girlfriend. Get her a cool new gadget. It could be a mobile phone, a headset, a music player, a tablet or a laptop.

2. A good book
If she is an avid reader, then getting her a book of a genre she enjoys would be a great idea. If she isn’t much of a reader, then you could always get those coffee table books, self help books or any other book that makes for a simple and pleasant read such as one consisting of several short stories.

3. A household item
Day to day items like a pillow case set, bathing towels, mats, a crockery set and such other things would be nice items to gift your girlfriend as these things will be of actual utility to her. Just make sure you get those things as per the color scheme of her house.

4. A beautiful showpiece
One of the nice gifting options to offer your girlfriend could be that of a beautiful showpiece that goes well with the setting of her house. Of course, you need to be a little artistically and creatively inclined to choose a gift she would fall in love with.

5. Gift voucher of her favorite store
Present her with a gift certificate or voucher of her favorite store. Find out her favorite book, gadget, clothes, shoes or even departmental store and let her choose a gift for which you have already paid.

6. Chocolates
If she has even a slight sweet tooth, then get her gourmet chocolates in a beautiful package. You could get any other sweets too such as cupcakes, muffins, brownies, etc. In fact you could learn to bake any of these sweet treats and present your love through your baking efforts.

7. Personalized memorabilia

Nowadays it is very easy to personalize things. You can customize almost everything such as laptop covers, mugs, shirts, pillow cases, chocolates, photo frames, etc. Get the best picture of the both of you printed on it along with a sweet message and you are good to go.

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