Thursday, October 6, 2016

6 Most Common Relationship Dealbreakers for Men

6 Most Common Relationship Dealbreakers for Men sad shocked man crying guy young

Every relationship has one or more dealbreakers which are things that decide that one has had enough. Sometimes doing that thing only once by a person is enough to put off the other while sometimes repetitive behavior leads to the breaking of the relation. As far as romantic relationships with women go, men have a set of dealbreakers too and these are the most common ones.

1. Cheating
The number one dealbreaker for men who are into exclusive relationships with women is that of cheating. While many men also break up a relationship if their girl flirts excessively with guys, almost all of them would never give a second chance to a woman who has been caught red handed cheating on him. Betrayal of trust is a very big dealbreaker for men.

2. Being a shrew
A shrew is a woman who sucks the life out of her man and makes his life miserable. She brings about negativity with her and isolates him from the world with her negative way of dealing with things. A man who truly loves such a woman would stick it out with her for as long as humanly possible before realizing how badly she has affected his life and throwing in the towel.

3. Constant nagging
Many men in relationships are a hen pecked lot but they have their good times too, so they stay. The tolerance level of every man differs but they have a common dealbreaker which is that of constant nagging by their women. If the woman is breathing down his neck at all times, not giving him his space, making him feel inadequate and is not happy with whatever he does for her, then any man would call it quits.

4. The clingy woman
If over possessiveness is a dealbreaker for women, then clinginess is the same for men. Some women are very insecure and make their partners the center of their lives. They start to take the relationship forward at lightning speed and don’t give their man enough space or time. Men hate being questioned all the time about their whereabouts and their doings. So a clingy or over attached girl instantly becomes someone whom they would run away from rather than be with.

5. Doing things you dislike
If after telling her umpteen number of times not to do things that really get to you, she still does them, then you are not at fault for choosing the single life which is what most men would do. The forbidden things can be drinking alcohol, doing drugs, smoking, flirting with guys, etc.

6. Compulsive liars
Lying and cheating are both betrayals of trust. Men may overlook one or two lies that their women have said but if the lies seem to be continuing, even if they are about relatively small things, then they would feel that there is no meaning of being in a relationship where there is no honesty.

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