Thursday, October 6, 2016

6 Little Ways to Make Your Wife Happy !

6 Little Ways to Make Your Wife Happy, couple man woman dancing party romance

There are many ways other than giving expensive gifts to make your wife happy. They are not expensive nor are they fancy. Check out these little ways in which you can make your wife happy every day.
1. Express your love every day
Many husbands and wives don’t get the time to express their love for each other on a daily basis because of their busy schedules. But this is a very essential part of any marriage. Make sure that you are taking care of this aspect of your relationship by expressing your love to your wife every day. Even if you are in a hurry to leave for work, just a few words to say how much you love her will make her feel happy for the rest of the day. Do this every day and use random opportunities to express your love.

2. Avoid using vulgar language in the house
Another little way in which you can make your wife happy is by avoiding the use of vulgar language in the house. Don’t swear or use any other derogatory words even if they are not directed to anyone in particular. Your wife will appreciate that you are making every effort to not make your house feel like a bachelor pad.

3. Give her compliments
A very ordinary but powerful way of making your wife happy is by giving her compliments. Give your wife a compliment for how she looks, for a delicious meal that she cooked or for how she effortlessly multi-tasked her job and kids’ routine on a busy day. Being appreciated will instantly make your wife feel happy.

4. Do the dishes for a day
Just pick a random day to do the dishes for your wife, even if all there is to be done is to take the dishes from the sink and putting them in the dishwasher. Your five minutes of effort will instantly be recognized as a valuable contribution in day-to-day household chores. Your wife will feel happy because she will be glad to know that her husband is trying to contribute as much as he can to keep the household going on the right track.

5. Take her car to the garage and the car wash
Your wife may not be mechanically inclined so you can do her a big favor by taking her car to the garage. You can deal with the mechanic and not let your wife worry about the funny noise or a rattling window. You should also take her car to the carwash so that she can have a squeaky clean set of wheels in the driveway when she wants to go out or to her job.

6. Allow her to pick your clothes for a day
On a random day, allow your wife to pick your look. Allow her to choose the shirt, trousers, tie, belt and shoes that you are going to wear. She will be delighted to be your stylist for one day. She will understand that you have to go to work and not make you wear something silly. But knowing that you trusted her to dress you up will make her really happy.

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