Thursday, October 6, 2016

6 Signs You are Dating a Feminist

6 Signs You are Dating a Feminist statue pharoes sculpture

Do you find yourself often thinking that your girl is different from most other girls? Do you feel she is a woman’s woman and could be a feminist? Probably she hasn’t disclosed it to you or maybe she doesn’t believe in name tags and hence is not comfortable with the tag of a feminist. You can find out if she is one though, through these pointers.

1. She hates male oriented stuff in the media
She abhors ads, TV shows and movies which propagate gender stereotypes. She never watches any male oriented movies or shows and is all for women oriented stuff. If you enjoy things that show women as sex objects, housewives or mere decorative pieces, then she will firmly tell you to stop seeing them.

2. She speaks her mind and is opinionated in nature
Feminists are more often than not, opinionated in nature to the point of being overbearing and dominating. They are not afraid to speak their minds and have rather radical views about womankind. They are not really romantic but have revolutionary views about how to change women’s status in society. If your girl displays such a trait, then she is surely a feminist.

3. She looks down on patriarchal ways of thinking
Our society still has fixed gender roles and an underlying patriarchal attitude to most things. She is totally against such views that dictate women to change their names after marriage, not get the same pay and appreciation at the workplace as men do, take full responsibility of her kid and go by her father or husband’s name in official documents.

4. She has quite a few female friends but not many male ones
Feminists generally have many female friends but few to no male friends. This is because they inherently dislike the typical men who have huge egos and not very liberal views about women’s lib. If she often has fights with her male friends and is a little overbearing or dominating in nature, then she could very well be a feminist.

5. She doesn’t believe in segregation of duties on the basis of gender
She doesn’t believe in or follow societal rules of so called ‘womanly’ and ‘manly’ duties. If you mention to her about cooking and cleaning the house or becoming a full time homemaker, she would definitely see red. If you try to help her out in physically hard stuff such as plumbing, repairing the car or aiding her in office work, she would accuse you of underestimating the power of women.

6. She often rues about gender inequality happening around her
You often find her cribbing about the sort of gender biasness going on around her. It could be her neighbor whom she accuses of ill treating his wife, the boss who favors male employees over female ones or her friend who is the submissive one in her relationship with her boyfriend. You never know if these things are really true problems or they are being made up in her over imaginative brain, but the fact that stands out from such talks is that she can’t bear the oppression of her gender.

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