Friday, October 7, 2016

7 Things Women Do to Manipulate Men !!

shadow Things Women Do to Manipulate Men !! doll wooden

Although men are commonly perceived to be the stronger sex, women dominate them in a subtle way. Many men fear marriage as they know they would eventually get manipulated by their women. Women’s minds work in a different and sharper manner than men and hence they can easily manipulate men with their feminine charms. These are some things they do to make men dance on their tunes.

1. Use crying as a weapon
Women’s tears are their weapons and men’s weakness. Although women are more emotionally fragile than men, they do exaggerate their sadness and unnecessarily cry at times so as to get their way. Men become softies at heart on seeing a girl shed tears and are willing to do almost anything in order to make her stop the waterworks.

2. Flirt with other men
Men are by nature, possessive about their ladyloves and get insecure when they see them talking merrily to other guys who are not related them. Women know this weakness of theirs and play on it by flirting with other men to make their men jealous. This could be a sort of sweet revenge after a fight or so.

3. Keep a man hanging
Many women love the attention of men and continue to encourage their advances even when they have no intention of going out with them. It is like promising a kid a candy bar and making him jump and jump until he gets exhausted. Most women are insecure and to feel secure and get an ego boost, they revel in the flattery of men even when they are in a relationship. Many a time, they won’t even admit that they are in a relationship with someone else so that men continue to lavish their attention on them.

4. Withhold sex
One of the commonest way in which women manipulate men is by withholding physical intimacy. They use sex as a pawn to take their plans forward with their men, and men eventually give in to this.

5. Get physically violent
Who says domestic violence is only restricted to women? It also affects many men around the world as women take advantage of the fact that most men are too decent to hit back if they hit them. Also, if a man raises his hand on a woman, the law is more lenient and caring towards women in such cases and wouldn’t really care about the man’s side of the story. So women who know this, get physically violent with men.

6. Test men
Women are insecure about their men and make them go through many tests. They obviously do not tell the men about their so called mental games and tests but wait for him to come out with flying colors. For example, a woman will suddenly call her man to ask him where he is. Then to confirm whether he is telling the truth, ask her friend to land up there, or reach there herself.

7. Use them for free drinks at the bar
Women have gained infamy around the world as being gold diggers or after men only for monetary gains. A common example is that of many women in bars and pubs who are often approached by men to buy them a drink. Women drink the whole night at the expense of one or many men, all the while knowing fully well that she is giving an impression of returning to his apartment with him. However, a friend comes along in the end and takes her away or she makes her way to her home after she has had her fill of drinks and food for the night, leaving te poor man who paid for it all in a lurch.

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