Wednesday, October 12, 2016

6 Tips to Avoid Hurting Your Girlfriend’s Ego

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In a relationship, ego clashes can be quite common. But don’t make the mistake of letting it ruin your relationship. If you are doing things that hurt your girl’s ego, it’s time to make some changes. Here are 6 tips you can follow so as not to injure your girlfriend’s ego.

1. Criticize her carefully
Be careful in the way you point out your girlfriend’s mistakes. Be polite and explain to her calmly why you think she is wrong. If you make her feel low and blame her, it will only aggravate things.

2. Don’t be dominating
Resist the feeling to dominate! It will serve nothing except hitting her ego hard and making her feel like she doesn’t have a say in anything. You need to consider and respect her choices and opinions every time. Let her know that she is an equal and you respect her opinion.

3. Learn to appreciate her
It is important to appreciate your girlfriend’s efforts. Notice them and show that you care. This way she will know that her efforts aren’t in vain. Choosing to criticize her for things she does for you will only make you look like the bad guy.

4. Never humiliate her in public
Do not ever confront her about private matters in public. It will really hurt your girlfriend’s ego. Do not criticize her in public or make her feel conscious about anything. If you want to discuss something that may be a prickly issue, do it in private.

5. Give her all the attention she needs
Your girlfriend demands importance and attention in your life. Ignoring her because the big game is on or because you are busy, will make her feel snubbed. Instead, give her the attention or set aside time for her if you are caught up in something important.

6. Do not disrespect her ambitions
Most successful men tend to think that their girlfriends are only “their girlfriends” with no identity of their own. Such a man expects the girl to be available when he wants and may even put her down for doing her own thing or having a career. Don’t be that man; you will not be able to bear the wrath of a tough and ambitious woman.

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