Wednesday, October 12, 2016

5 Signs She is into You !!

5 Signs She is into You,man love woman hate man ignore
Let’s face it. Men aren’t geniuses when it comes to picking up signals. But there are signs that you can watch out for to tell if she’s into you. Keep your eyes and ears open.

1. The flirting
The trick here is to understand whether she is flirting with you in a harmless, friendly sort of way or whether she is into you and wants you to know. The rule of thumb is that generally if the flirting behavior has been initiated by her rather than you, then she is probably interested and wants to be more than just friends. However, if it is in response to your friendly banter, then it probably is just that. Another way of figuring out whether her flirting with you, is in fact, something serious is to see if she behaves in the same manner with other men. If playing the hopeless flirt is her standard code of conduct with all men, then maybe you would be wrong to assume that her flirting with you is anything more than friendly.

2. The possessiveness
Hell hath no fury as a women scorned is no joke. Women are no strangers to strong passions especially when it concerns the man they want. A woman friend who also happens to be interested in you might take offence if you spend too much time hanging out with other women. So if you think your woman friend might be getting more miffed than normal about how much you talk to your women friends, maybe there is more to it than seems.

3. The compliments
Men and women both do this when interested in each other. If somebody happens to be the special snowflake in your eyes, it follows you are going to be more attenuated to noticing their attire or a new hairdo and also be the first one to compliment them. A woman who notices your new shoes, or a new tie, or compliments your choice of color for a shirt isn’t doing it because fashion is her thing, she is doing it because checking you out is one of her favorite activities of the day!

4. Being ever willing to help
Remember the girl who used to write your assignments for you in school? Or the one who volunteered to stay late in office to help you out with a project deadline? Yeah that woman right there. Mark her down and ask her out, because she is definitely and certainly interested in you!

5. She seems to be omnipresent
You seem to be running into her everywhere! Be it in your gym, your favorite coffee shop, the office canteen. And she always seems happy to see you. It is quite probable that it is not a coincidence and she has deliberately planted herself in places she knows you will be at. Before you freak out and label her a stalker, relax and take a deep breath! It is pretty easy to know where a person is at a particular time and if she doesn’t come off as a desperate stalker, you should probably feel pretty good about yourself and make that effort to get to know her better!

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