Wednesday, October 5, 2016

6 Reasons Why Your Ex Will Come Back to You

6 Reasons Why Your Ex Will Come Back to You ,shadow couple beach sand love romance

In relationships people make mistakes or sometimes make wrong choices. Many people get a chance to rectify the mistakes, while others have to move on. There are times when after the breakup the partners realize that they want to get back together. Here are 6 reasons your ex would come back to you.

1. She feels lonely and being single is eating her up
The reason your ex girlfriend would want to come back to you could be that she didn’t find any new guy. She must be feeling lonely and her hopes would have been shattered that she couldn’t find a new guy. So it would be a good option to go back to you.

2. She realizes that you both shared a good understanding
If the girl feels that you were a very understanding guy and she didn’t find this quality in the other guy, she may want to come back. So she decides to be with you instead of anyone else because she has already knows your nature and shares a similar level of understanding.

3. She still has feelings for you
After the break up and after staying away from you if she realizes she still has feelings for you then she would want to come back to you. She would try to move on but her feelings towards you will not allow her to do so.

4. She has forgiven you
The reason your ex wants you back could be that she has forgiven your mistakes. She wants a new start and wants to keep the past memories away. She has decided to give you a second chance and so decides to come back to you.

5. She is jealous and insecure
She is feeling jealous that you are with other women or there are chances of someone new coming in your life soon. The reason for her to get attracted to you again could be jealousy and so she wants to get back with you.

6. She misses you
Sometimes break ups happen because of mutual agreement. The parting may not have been bitter but in the moment, it would have seemed like the best decision. After parting ways, she realizes that she misses you every day. It is a strong reason to get back.

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