Wednesday, October 5, 2016

10 Traits in a Guy that Every Girl Loves

10 Traits in a Guy that Every Girl Loves couple love

All girls have a certain idea and notion of how they want their perfect ‘Prince Charming’ to be like. If you are trying to woo a girl, or want to start off a relationship with a girl you like, then here are some points to help you know what exactly girls look for in their guy.

1. Loyalty
Girls want their guy to be loyal to them in all possible ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They hate to see their guy being with another woman, or giving someone else the position that only the girlfriend deserves. Sometimes, girls even take offence to the fact that their guy shared some of his problems with his other female friends, because in a girlfriend’s head, she is the only one who has the right to know her guy’s issues. Hence, loyalty in all ways is very important.

2. Honesty
This is one trait that all guys must possess if they are serious about a girl. Girls hate it if you lie to them. And even if you think you were lying for a good cause, she won’t understand. So it’s important to be honest to her always.

3. Commitment
Girls love guys who are not commitment-phobic, and are not afraid to think of a future together. This, however, does not give you the license to play with any girl’s emotions by giving her false commitments. Be with her, get to know her better, and give her true commitments, which will help to strengthen your relationship.

4. Infinite and fearless love
Nothing makes a girl happier than knowing that the guy she likes can do anything in the world to be with her, or to express his love to her. So needless to say, girls like grand gestures of love, or public display of affection to say the least. They like men who don’t hide their love, and are open about it to the world.

5. Persistence
Have you ever heard of the common saying, if you like a girl, keep following her till she finally gives in? Well, that happens only because of the fact that girls like men who are persistent about them, and are constantly behind them to show their love. In a way, girls like to test, to what extent a guy can go to get her, and if you are persistent enough, then she’ll love you.

6. Promise keepers
Girls like their guy to keep his promises, irrespective of what the circumstances are like. Promise breakers are deal breakers, so girls hate that in their guy. The promises could be anything, ranging from helping in a task to picking her up at the airport. If you manage to keep your promises, irrespective of the bad circumstances, girls appreciate it even more.

7. Intelligence
Let’s face it; nobody likes to be with someone who is not smart. Girls always like to be with a guy who knows some things that she doesn’t know, and who can impress her with his intelligence. A good job with a good profile or designation is even better!

8. Sense of humor
If you want to be with the girl you like, you need to be able to bring a smile on her face every now and then. You need to have a decent sense of humor that she likes, so you can both spend some nice moments together. Plus, good sense of humor is one of the main things that attract girls towards men.

9. Chivalry
Yes, as clichéd as it may sound, girls still like a man who opens the doors, pulls out the chairs, and pays the bills. Chivalry always makes a good first impression too.

10. Charm and personality
You may not necessarily be the best-looking guy around, but you definitely need to be charming enough in the eyes of the girl you like. This charm and personality could range from talking to her in a classy manner, to surprising her in a grand style. Right from your walk to your talk to your dressing sense, you need to have a great personality to charm her.

So try and develop these traits in you as much as you can, and show them to your girl on various occasions. She’ll love you for being the perfect man for her, and gradually, your relationship can start going forward in a strong manner.

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