Wednesday, October 5, 2016

6 Subtle Signs a Girl is Flirting with You

6 Subtle Signs a Girl is Flirting with You ,street people walking bavement sidewalk

Now this title may confuse some people. Why should flirting be subtle? Doesn’t it defeat the whole point of it ? The short answer is one you may have heard many times in your life, that women are different. Sometimes women flirt in a subtle manner which gives them the security of not putting themselves out there completely. If things don’t work out they can revert to being just friends! But what if you want to know when she is subtly flirting with you? You read the following article what else!
1. You get a little confused
The whole point of subtly flirting is to leave you a little confused. The girl is aiming to send you signals but ever so mildly. So if something she said or did makes you wonder that there was more to it, think about it a little before brushing it off.
2. You got her number without you asking
Unless you guys are colleagues working in the same team, or classmates on the same project, exchanging phone numbers isn’t a necessity. She may come up to you and say she found something really funny and she would like to share it with you and uses that as a pretext to get your number. You know that nothing could be so funny that it needs her to make a whole new friend to share it with. The obvious answer? She is flirting with you!
3. She does a lot of small talk
Small talks are completely avoidable unnecessary conversations we sometimes indulge in to fill voids in everyday conversations. There are another kind of small talks however, which are indulged in with the hope of it leading to longer more funner conversations! So if the girl in question stops by your desk to discuss banalities pretty often, then either you are pretty darn good at banalities or she is pretty darn interested in you!

4. Her behaviour towards you is markedly different
So we have established that she gives you her phone number, sends confusing signals and chats a whole lot with you. The next question is, does she do it with everyone else? If your short answer is no, then you are on to something!
5. She emphasizes her single status
From oblique references to staying home on Saturday nights to outright declaring how she has been single since so many months, days, weeks, she has pretty much made her relationship status pretty clear to you. We all know that unless it’s between close friends, divulging relationship status isn’t a top priority. That the lady chose to disclose it to you should be a signal enough for you.
6. She invites you to social gatherings
Now since we are talking about women who are subtle, we won’t delve into women who are open to asking out men upfront. Our lady in question is probably going to invite you to her housewarming first. Or she is going to be asking you to come along with friends for a movie night, either way, they are going to be baby steps and you are going to have to spot them!

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