Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5 Signs a Girl is Scared of You !!

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A lot of people think that girls are complicated. Some girls seem to be complicated because they are emotional but they show that they are practical! A lot of girls try to control their emotions but fail to do so. A girl might not tell you that she is scared of you or that she is in love with you. Her actions and body language can tell you a lot about her feelings. Here are some more things that can help you to find out if a girl is scared of you. The reasons behind her fear can be many. Check out these points to find out the correct reason in your case.

1. A scared girl will ignore you

This is one of the biggest signs that can help you find out if a girl is scared of you. A scared girl will ignore you. She will try her best to always stay away from you. She will always try to stand away from you and will never try to come close to you out of her fear. She might not respond to you when you text her or when you ask her something. She might nod or shake her head instead of actually saying something.

2. She will talk to you in an unusual manner
A scared girl will talk to you but the way of her talking will let you know how she actually feels. She will try to be quite in front of you. She will also try to finish the argument or discussion as soon as possible. These signs can let you know that this girl either lacks confidence or she is scared of you.

3. A scared girl might stammer
Some girls stammer or fumble while talking if they are scared of someone. If a girl stammers while talking to you then she might be scared of you. Her nervousness will make her say silly things and giggle without any reason.

4. She doesn’t speak a word and does what you ask her to do
If a girl doesn’t ask you any questions when you tell her to do something then she is scared of you. She simply follows your instructions.

5. A scared girl will hide her mistakes from you
Such a girl will be too scared to disclose her silliest of mistakes to you. She might think that you would laugh at her mistakes or that you would criticize her mistakes. Such a girl will definitely find it tough to trust you or to tell you how she actually feels about things.

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