Monday, October 10, 2016

7 Signs You are an Over-Possessive Boyfriend

7 Signs You are an Over-Possessive Boyfriend, man woman romance park grass picnic

To take care of your girlfriend and to protect her is one thing, but to be over possessive about her in a way that she starts to feel suffocated with you is another. Sometimes, when we fall in love with someone, we don’t realize how at some point we start to become over possessive about our partner. Here are some signs to tell you that you are an over possessive boyfriend.

1. You suspect every male friend of hers
While it’s true that your girlfriend might be a catch, and other guys might still be trying their luck with her, even after her being in a relationship with you, you can’t suspect each and every male friend of hers to be the same. She may have some good male friends since the time you were not even there in her life. Obviously, she can’t break friendships with them suddenly, just because you don’t like her hanging out with her guy friends. Trust her into knowing which of her male friends are good, and which ones are not.

2. You want to get minute by minute updates from her
Over possessive boyfriends hate it when their girlfriends make sudden or spontaneous plans with their friends. You feel like getting minute-by-minute updates from your girlfriend, and don’t want her to deviate from what you think is the ideal ‘day plan’ for her. So if her phone battery dies for a little while, or she as much as goes shopping for an hour after college or work, it irritates you because you weren’t ‘informed’ about it.

3. You want to know every little thing about her life
If you are the kind who wants passwords to her email accounts and social media accounts, along with having the tendency to check her phone every now and then, then you are definitely over possessive. There are a lot of personal details about your girlfriend that she may not like sharing with anybody, and you pressurizing her to share her passwords with you is only going to make things worse.

4. You want most of her time
Just because she is dating you, doesn’t mean that all her other friends in the world are dead. While couples spend a lot of time with each other in the initial phases of dating, it’s impossible to carry on like that forever. Still, if you insist that she hangs out with you most of the times, and spends most of her day with you, you are definitely over possessive. Plus, if it irritates you that she even ‘thinks’ of watching a movie with friends or goes out shopping with them, then you need to do some serious thinking.

5. You decide what she wears
If you don’t let your girlfriend as much as decide what she can wear, and you decide that for her instead, then you are obsessively possessive. Yes, boyfriends do worry when their hot girlfriend’s cleavage attract dirty looks from other guys. But at the end of the day, she only wears these clothes around you, because she feels safe with you. If you stop her from wearing just about everything she likes, she may gradually start disliking you.

6. You use her friends to stalk her
A very significant sign of an over possessive boyfriend is to connect with your girlfriend’s friends to know what’s happening in your girlfriend’s life. During days when you and your girlfriend have fought, you make it seem to her friends that you are worried about her, and only want to know if she is safe or not, because she wouldn’t respond to your calls or messages. However, the truth is, you are only stalking her with the help of her friends.

7. You expect her to choose you over family
Every time she gets a promotion or something good happens in her life, and she wants to celebrate that with family, you take offence to that, because you want her to be with you. That’s just plain stupid and unacceptable. There are moments of life that need to be shared with family, and not with the ones we are dating. You expecting her to be with you in those moments just because you feel insecure or left out, is absolutely wrong.

Always remember that there is a very thin line between caring for your girlfriend and being over possessive about her. The latter does no good to anybody, and affects your relationship very badly. You must mend your ways before you end up losing the girl of your dreams just because of your wrong ways of dealing with her.

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