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8 Tips to Overcome Performance Anxiety in Bed

8 Tips to Overcome Performance Anxiety in Bed,man woman bed sleeping morning happy

Sexual performance anxiety is something that a lot of men face. It can really ruin an intimate relationship and make you feel helpless and frustrated. You need to remember that sex is not just about a physical response. How do you go ahead then? Here’s a list of some tips to overcome performance anxiety in bed.
1. Accept the problem
Most men who suffer from sexual performance anxiety usually stay in denial. Accepting that there is a problem does not make you weak, it is instead a sign of strength and courage. Needless to say, only when you acknowledge that there is a problem will you be motivated to look for a solution.
2. Talk to a therapist
There could be something more to your lack of sexual performance than just anxiety. Your past memories and previous sexual experiences and encounters can largely dictate the way you perform sexually. Do not shy away from seeing a therapist. He will be able to get to the root of the problem and help you perform better.
3. Share your feelings with your partner
If your partner is understanding she will be not judge you simply by how you perform in bed. Talk to her about the problem and try sharing with her what makes you feel anxious. More often than not, being open about the issue with your partner can go a long way in finding a solution. There may be some way in which you both could work together and help reduce the anxiety.
4. Exercise
Sometimes it is our own perception of our body that makes us anxious about performing sexually. You may not feel confident about how you look and the kind of shape you are in. Exercising can help a lot in this regard. Not only will you have a better body but you will also have an enhanced stamina in bed.

5. Extend the foreplay
One exciting way to mentally prepare yourself for sex is to invest in an extended foreplay. A good foreplay never harms anyone. Show her what you can do with your hands and your tongue. Not only will it make the process more pleasurable for the girl, it will also give you some time to calm your nerves before sex.
6. Don’t worry about the outcome
The way you perform in bed has a lot to do with what you are thinking during the act. If you are constantly worried about the outcome, you will not be able to relax. Think positive and let the whole act be spontaneous and fun. Every time you get a negative thought, replace it with a positive one. Sex is not a test of your manhood. It is simply an act which you and your partner should enjoy together.
7. Distract yourself
If you are unable to block negative thoughts then you can try distracting yourself by putting on some exciting and romantic music or a sexy movie. It should be something that turns you on. Just take your mind off how you are performing sexually and focus on being excited.
8. Relax
Most importantly, just relax! You will be amazed to know how common sexual performance anxiety is among men. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Know that arousal is closely tied to your thoughts and emotions. If you are mentally stressed out, then your body will not be able to get excited.

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