Friday, July 8, 2016

6 Tips to Make Your Friend Fall for you !!

6 Tips to Make Your Friend Fall for you,man woman holding heart tree ice

Moving from the “friend zone” to the “boyfriend zone” can be a very challenging task, especially if your friendship means a lot to you. The trick here is to not be too aggressive so that it may ruin your friendship. It is a situation that must be handled delicately. If at any time you feel that your gestures are making her feel uncomfortable, back off instantly. We give you some tips to make your friend fall for you.
1. Flirt a little
 Being a little flirtatious can make her start looking at you as someone more than just a friend. Keep it subtle and don’t make her uncomfortable. Just compliment her appearance or tease her about something or say things that might have a double meaning. This could be a nice start from being a friend to a boyfriend.
2. Be her knight in shining armor 
Make sure you are there to help her out whenever she is in trouble. Be there to save her every time that she is in any kind of problem. This would ensure that you are the one that she thinks of when she needs some rescuing. This might eventually make her realize that every time she is the damsel in distress, you are her knight in shining armor.
3. Look nice
It would do you no harm if you just put a little bit of effort in improving the way you present yourself to her. Dress nice, get a good haircut, focus on hygiene, and smell nice. This will make her look at you as someone attractive. If this move ends up making other girls fall for you, it could also work in your favor and make the girl realize that you are indeed boyfriend material.

4. Change your body language 

Your body language says a lot about how you feel about the other person. Try to be a bit more close to her physically. Hug more intensely and try touching her on her hands and shoulders. Offer to comb her hair or try giving her a neck massage. These subtle moves could make her think differently about you. Just ensure that you do not make her feel uncomfortable with your actions. If you sense some discomfort, stop immediately.
5. Change the way you text her 
Just add a little hug and a kiss the next time you text her. If you guys chat a lot, then you could probably send her romantic smileys every once in a while during a chat. It will definitely catch her attention if you suddenly start using such symbols in your mails, chats, and texts.
6. Stay away from her once in a while
One of the best ways to know how exactly she feels about you is to detach yourself from her life for a while. Stop interacting with her and avoid being with her all the time. Reduce the overall time that you spend with her. This distance will give her a chance to miss your company. If she really likes you, she will eventually realize it once you stop being in her life. Once she confronts you about her feelings, be sensitive and respond to her with love and affection.

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