Sunday, August 21, 2016

8 Tips to Cope With the Silent Treatment

8 Tips to Cope With the Silent Treatment ,headache man pain head

It can be emotionally tormenting when your loved one starts giving you the silent treatment. It is even worse when you are not even aware as to why the other person is not talking to you. We give you some to the tips to deal with the silent treatment.
1. Are you sure it is you?
Before you start worrying about being given such a treatment, try to understand if the other person is behaving like that just with you is he or she not talking to anyone. There is a possibility that their behavior may not be directed at you. As they say, if it isn’t broken, do not try to fix it!
2. Find out why
Well, the first thing to do when you know you are being given the silent treatment is to try and understand the reason behind it. Observe and notice how things are around you to analyze why the person is behaving the way he or she is. You could also ask friends and family members if they have a clue.
3. Give them attention
Sometimes people resort to the silent treatment simply because they want their presence to be felt. If you have been taking your loved ones for granted, they may feel like giving you the silent treatment. You can try giving the other person some genuine attention to stop them from treating you like this.
4. Try talking
Talking to the other person may seem like the most difficult thing to do when you are being given the silent treatment. However, sometimes, the other person may just want you to try harder. So, give your best and put in all your efforts to try and talk to them.

5. Say it through non-verbal gestures
If you are unable to communicate with them, then you can always try some non-verbal gesture to get their attention. An act of kindness or bringing them a gift might do the trick. Your body language can also easily convey how much you want to talk to them and how badly the silent treatment is affecting you.
6. Make him or her smile
Sometimes you just need an ice-breaker. There is a possibility that the other person may stop being so harsh on you if you manage to make them smile. However, try not to come across as pushy and annoying. Try subtle things to make them laugh. It could help in melting away the negative feelings that they may have for you.
7. Take help from others
If all your efforts fail, try taking help from some common friends or people who know the other person well. You could have them talk to the other on your behalf. This may help you convey your feelings and might make things better.
8. Cut off
There is a possibility that the other person might genuinely need some space and some alone time. If you realize that, then it is best to cut yourself off from the person and let him or her have some quiet time alone. However, do not feel angry towards them and when they do start talking to you again, act normal and give them love.

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