Thursday, July 7, 2016

7 Signs Your Relationship Will Not Work Out !

7 Signs Your Relationship Will Not Work Out,sad man woman breakup sitting on pavement

When you are in a new relationship, you make all the efforts to nurture it. What if you sense that your relationship will not work out? Check out some of these signs and find for yourself.
1. She is smarter than you
You really cannot know about your compatibility level, unless you keep conversing with one another. If she is intellectual and dominates you for no reason, then there is absolutely no future of your relationship. The relationship will not survive because of her nature. Maybe she is smarter than you; it is time for you to accept the truth.
2. She does not give you time
If your relationship is in its blossoming stage, then naturally she should give you all the time and support. If she is doing just the opposite, then she might not be interested to take this further. Be prepared for the announcement of breakup. It might come any time soon.
3. She hides things
A new relationship thrives on good communication. If she is already hiding things from you, then maybe it is all over from her side. There is no other reason she would hide things if she just declared her love for you. This is like a red flag for you that signals that your relationship will not work out in future.
4. She has an opinion
If she never agrees with whatever you say, then she wants to live her own life. She likes to live in her own space; chances are she may not continue with the relationship. Difference of opinion is the most common sign of a failing relationship.

5. She is daddy’s little girl
If she calls her dad for anything and everything, then there is no place for you in her life. She is too attached to her dad. It is possible that she might not give her hundred percent to the new relationship. Due to this reason, the relationship may not work out in future.
6. She does not respect you
If she does not respect you, then it is possible that she does not love you. Every relationship survives with love and respect. If there is no respect, the relationship fails. If she back answers you or taunts you, then this relationship will not survive for long.
7. She is not attracted to you
One month into the new relationship and she is not attracted to you anymore! It is enough to prove that this relationship will not survive for long.

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