Friday, July 8, 2016

7 Tips to Confess Your Feelings to Her

7 Tips to Confess Your Feelings to Her,man gave woman flower apologizing

Is there someone you feel strongly about, someone you like or love immensely? Do you want to confess your feelings to her and let her know how you feel for her? Given below are some tips that will make sure that your confession goes down well with the lady in question and helps you win her heart!
1. Ask yourself what you truly feel for herIt’s highly important that you be sure about what you feel for her. Do you simply like her and want to know her more or are you madly in love with her? Be sure about your emotions and feelings so that your confession can be truthful and can take the right path.
2. Choose the right date and time
It is probably the most important tip. Don’t choose a day when you know she’d be busy. Also don’t choose to meet her when she’s had a bad day at her work or elsewhere. Choose a date and time when you are sure she’d be in the best of her moods.
3. Choose the right place
Since you’re confessing your feelings to her for the very first time, you want her to hear you loud and clear. Don’t choose an overcrowded place. Instead choose a tranquil and serene venue that will be able to provide the perfect ambiance for your special occasion.
4. Rehearse your linesIt is advised that you write down and rehearse what you want to say to her. Sometimes the moment gets too overwhelming for you to think anything and speak. If you’ve rehearsed well, you’ll be able to give words to your feelings when it’s required.

5. Be optimisticDon’t feel scared or nervous. Don’t let negative feelings and scenarios flood your mind. Stay cheerful and optimistic. This will also boost your confidence.
6. Present yourself and your feelings confidently
Don’t slouch, shrink or stammer when the moment arrives. Hold her hands confidently and let the words come out like breeze.
7. Be prepared for every reaction
It’s important that you don’t feel sad or rejected if she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. Have patience. If she asks for time to consider your confession and her own feelings, give it to her. If she says she doesn’t feel the same, take her reply courteously.

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