Thursday, July 7, 2016

6 Tips to Charm Her !

6 Tips to Charm Her,man kiss woman girl on street

It is said that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Love is a beautiful journey which one can experience having the person he loves by his side. But, as they say, to begin a journey, you need to take the first step. So why not be a gentleman and woo your lady, who once holds your hand would never let it go? Here are 6 tips to charm her and make her feel that you indeed are her Mr Perfect.
1. Be a gentleman
A daughter will always be her father’s princess yet she yearns for more love, so she will always look forward to become a queen. Treat the girl of your dreams with chivalry. Right from opening the door for her to pulling out the chair at the restaurant, any girl of any age wants to see that gentleman in her guy. So make her feel that her wish is your command, but at same time be honest in whatever you do.
2. Be the reason for her smile
“The way to man’s heart is through his stomach” but the way to a girl’s heart is through her smile. Yes, in order to enter a girl’s heart and make her smile, you need to have the right gestures and a good sense of humor. Give her flowers when she is upset, make plans and take her to her favorite restaurant or maybe give her a chocolate when she is feeling under the weather.
3. Show her your other side
There are some girls who always have a serious demeanor. If your lady is cantankerous or anywhere close, show your funny side to her and make her smile. And if she is always nonchalant, show her your serious side. A girl always wants a guy who is sincere but at same time enjoys life.

4. Be her friend
It is not always about being her best friend. A girl always wants to see a life partner in her friend so that she does not have to pretend, or choose between friends and boyfriend. Make her feel that her relationship is important for you. You can do this by planning a surprise birthday party for her with her friends, or planning an outing along with them. Also, give her suggestions, not orders. Support her but do not control her.
5. Compliment her
For any girl, even one compliment (a genuine one) makes her day! Just express what you truly feel for her. If she is looking pretty, beautiful or sexy just go ahead and tell; she would not mind or think you are flattering her for after all it is a genuine compliment. A compliment does not necessary be about physical beauty, it can be beyond that; it can be her nature, thoughts and many other attributes.
6. Be romantic
No relationship is complete without romance. At end of the day, chemistry is important. You need to show her that you are her Prince Charming. You can surprise her by cooking for her, taking her out for a dance where you can be little flirty. Being flirty will keep you out of friend zone and make her think that you are attractive, romantic as well as a good friend. So there are chances that she will consider something beyond friendship.

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