Monday, July 4, 2016

5 Ways to Make Her Comfortable on the First Date

5 Ways to Make Her Comfortable on the First Date,trees park couple man woman bench romantic

Do you want your date to feel comfortable and open up to you like a friend? Do you want to break the awkwardness on the first date and make her feel that you’re someone she can be candid with? Here’s how you can make the lady, who has come for a date with you for the very first time with you, feel comfortable and break out of her nervousness.
1. Be the first one to break the ice
Due to nervousness, she might not be able to think what to say to you. However you can be the first one to take the initiative and break the ice. Say something to her or ask her how her day was or how her life is going; say anything that would start a conversation. Make sure your tone is polite, warm and friendly.
2. Use humor
Women love and appreciate good sense of humor in men. Also humor is a great way to do away with the awkwardness in the air. So crack a really funny joke or say something that’s plain funny. If you’re successful in making her laugh, she will surely feel very comfortable with you and will take your initiative forward.
3. Suggest a fun activity that doesn’t require some special skill or taste
While you two are together, suggest an activity impromptu that is fun, yet does not require special skills or tastes. You can suggest a walk to the fountain or ice skating or even test-driving a car. Doing different activities will help her realize that you’re like her friends and she can comfortably have fun with you.

4. Hold her hand
Even though the first date rules dictate no touching, you can gently hold her hand and squeeze it slightly. This simple gesture will release her nervousness and she will be able to talk more candidly and comfortably with you.
5. Ask questions
Instead of just talking about yourself, your hobbies, your work and your life, ask her questions regarding her life and her interests. The more questions you will ask, the more she will talk and the more she will feel comfortable to share what’s on her mind with you.

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