Monday, July 4, 2016

7 Tips to Deal With a Girl Who Really Annoys You !!

7 Tips to Deal With a Girl Who Really Annoys You,annoying woman,agressive man

Dealing with a girl who annoys you is quite a difficult task. Girls are more sensitive than guys. If you tell her directly, then she may get hurt. Handle the situation in such a way that she stops annoying you without any condition or reason. Read ahead to get some tips.
1. Be honest
Be honest in your approach if you cannot take her behavior any more. Indirectly let her know that you are not too happy with her habits and behavior. Pass a message through a common friend about her behavior. When she will know that you called her irritating, she might feel bad for a while. But, she will stop annoying you when she meets you the next time.
2. Speak politely
It is always good to speak politely in this matter. Meet her somewhere and make her realize that she annoys you too much. Tell her politely that you need some space in life. She will definitely understand your stand and will stop annoying you further.
3. Be confident
If you are confident in your approach, no one can ever annoy you in life. If you maintain a confident stance and behavior, then she would stop annoying you. She will see a changed person, so it is possible that she may change her attitude in front of you.
4. Look somewhere else
The best way to let her know about her behavior is to ignore her. This would affect her, but would make her realize that you are too irritated with her attitude. When she talks to you the next time, simply change the topic of conversation. Start looking in the opposite direction; this will make her realize that you are not interested in her talks. She would eventually stop annoying you.

5. Make an excuse
The next time she comes to you and annoys you, simply tell her that you need to do something urgently. Tell her that you need to make an urgent call. If you make an excuse and do not give her any opportunity to annoy you, then this would help you to stay in peace.
6. Do not be rude
Always be considerate towards the girl who annoys you. If you pick up a fight with her, then this would really hurt her. A rude behavior can also cause problems, so be calm in your approach to tackle the situation.
7. Do not be too offensive
Do not be too offensive about the situation. Everything will be fine if you tackle this in a right way. Getting offensive will not serve any purpose.

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